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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Title: Enter Kenshin
  • Premiered: 2006-01-06
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    • Bruce Faulconer Trunks Theme
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  • Comments: Well this is my second Kenshin vid without using any scenes from the OVA. I'm actually quite proud of this vid and I think its my best vid yet. Or at least one of my best. And its my first video for 2006 and I think I started off my 2006 videos with a bang. This video is a parody of few different things. 1) Its a parody of the Trunks trailer. I got the idea for this a while back before I even saw Kenshin. I thought Trunks and Kenshin were some what similar to each other since they both kick ass with swords. When compared to Kenshin though it seems like Trunks is just swinging his sword every which way. 2) This is also a parody of the Kenshin series when they use scenes with invert effects which absolutely makes no sense to me. Some parts there ok but the majority of them are not. 3) This is also a parody of the Wandering Samurai saga. When I first saw Kenshin I was expecting some awesome sword fights and such but it turned out to be more like Trigun except with swords. So I decided up the hype of the Wandering Samurai saga and made it more then what it should be. I used two versions of the song. One is the version with the sound effects left in as well as the voices. I also used the non effects version as well mainly because i couldnt come up with a scene to fit a certain sound effect. The sound effect version was more fun to edit. I timed practicaly every thing perfectly. The video is in MPEG 2 format so you'll need ffdshow or an MPEG 2 codec.

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