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  • Member: silver_moon
  • Studio: Dark Moon Studios
  • Title: In My Arms Again
  • Premiered: 2002-08-14
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    • Micheal W. Smith In My Arms Again
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  • Comments: ********WARNING!**********

    The anime/song combination:

    I had originally had tons of different songs lined up that I was thinking of using for this video, like Sarah Brightman's "Only an Ocean Away", Enrique Iglesias's "Escape", FFH's "Open Up The Sky", The Corrs' "Breathless" and Ricky Martin's "Private Emotion". I felt that any of these would have worked, but none of them really seemed to give me the inspiration I needed to make the type of video I was planning. I told my older sister I was still looking for a song that would suit Oh My Goddess and she came up with this song. I listened to it, realized the lyrics almost perfectly suited the series, then borrowed the CD and listened to it again. It was then that I realized how perfect it was. The lyrics were just too perfect, and I felt the song had strong emotion in it. I planned for a couple days then got to work on it right away in Premiere.

    The project:

    In total I spent about 36 hours editing, which is about how long I spent on One Day. It was over a span of three weeks, but it surprised me how little time I took since the song is over six minutes long. Just by watching it, it looks like I spent way longer on it than on my others. I didn't take hardly long at all to put it all together, and most of my time went into fixing up little details. Also surprisingly, I don't think my computer crashed once through the whole project. Premiere was strangely well-behaved. Note: there are actually a total of two scenes from the movie, but they're not really important and 98% of the video is to the series, so I didn't bother listing the movie as anime I used. I used the scene of the shooting stars as an overlay and the scene of Belldandy looking at the photographs because I couldn't find scenes from the series to match the lyrics at certain parts.

    The digital effects:

    One of the main themes of this video is the color changes. At the start, I did lots of black and white with some colour mixed in here and there before going to full color at one part, where Keichii and Belldandy meet for the first time. The beginning with the piano chords took while to make, as you can probably see when you watch it. I switched back to black and white with colour mixed in when the video is showing Keichii's memories. Most of the scenes that show Keichii and Belldandy before they were seperated are black and white. There are a few zoom-out effects, and some overlays at the end but not too many.

    The story/concept:

    The video is mainly about Keichii's and Belldandy's seperation. It's from Keichii's point of view... you can probably tell what a lot of it is about just from the lyrics:

    I really wanna see you,
    I really wanna touch you,
    If only I could hold you
    In my arms again.
    I really wanna reach you,
    Forever to be with you,
    If only I could hold you
    In my arms again.

    It was written in the stars,
    On the pages of my heart,
    O that someday I would find
    The love I feel for you tonight.

    On the ocean of our dreams,
    Like a prayer you came to me,
    And the longing that had been
    Found its ending in your eyes.
    And I am missing you tonight.


    Across the waves, across the sea,
    Seperating you from me.
    Here's a promise and it's mine,
    I will love you for all time.
    I'm wishing you were here tonight.


    Basically wherever the chorus comes in is colour, and is the present time where Keichii is seperated from Belldandy. The parts that aren't the chorus are memories Keichii has of him and Belldandy. There is over a whole minute of a piano solo that comes before the lyrics, so to make this part more interesting I put in voice overs. I also put in a voice over near the end. Another reason I had picked this song was because I loved the way it built up the ending. I did my best to make the video match that build. Note: the start is really quiet and it gets louder as it goes along, so you're proably going to have to turn up the volume at the start and down at the end.


    I really feel this is one of the best videos I've made so far. The video is pretty sappy, but I hope you like it anyway and please leave an opinion if you see it^_^

    You can also watch a streaming version of this video at Keep in mind this version is MUCH worse quality than the version on local, and it's also slightly de-synced. It's just for you to get a general idea of what the video's like.

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