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  • Member: Varda_Morrigan
  • Studio: The Last Of ...
  • Title: Ali and En
  • Premiered: 2006-01-18
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    • Bryan Adams Here I Am
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  • Comments: I'd like that my next AMV will be better. Please if you get me only 1 or 2 stars,leave though quick comments.

    About Ali and En - aliens from Sailor Moon Romance.
    This AMV talks about them, and their feels (love's quadrangle - Usagi loves Mamoru; En things, that she loves Mamoru, too, but she doesn't want to execute Ali's feel - she is jealous; Ali things, that he loves Usagi, but he doesn't want to execute En's feel - he is jealous, too; Mamoru doesn't remember past, and he like Usagi and En, but only like).
    It is a sectional view through 1-13 stubs, too.

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