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  • Member: dokool
  • Studio: Third Lens Open Productions
  • Title: You're So Far Away
  • Premiered: 2006-01-03
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    • Mae We're So Far Away
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  • Comments: You're So Far Away marks my first full video in nearly a year, the first video I've edited as a gift for someone else, and my first Romance/Sentimental vid. Lotta firsts for this one, it appears.

    Background: The Music
    I first heard of Mae from Rozard when he posted a bootleg of Anything to his LJ. A few weeks ago I got the full album ("The Everglow") from him, and immediately went out and bought the CD. I fully recommend this album to pretty much everyone and have pimped it to so many friends I've lost count.

    I centered on "We're So Far Away" because of its significance to me, as well as because the tone is much different than most of the other tracks on the album - no guitars or drums, just piano.

    Background: The Anime
    Most people will know Voices of a Distant Star as "that crazy-good OVA that one guy did on his Mac." Indeed, Makoto Shinkai did all 25 minutes on his G3 Powermac, but it's still one of the most beautiful pieces of animation to have been released in the last decade. The OVA is about two characters - Mikako, a teenage girl who's chosen to be a mech pilot in a special UN-run program, and Noboru, her earth-bound boyfriend. As Mikako flies towards the fringe of the galaxy, their only means of communication - text messaging by keitai grows slower and slower, with messages eventually taking over 8 years to be transmitted.

    I feel like HnK was a perfect fit for the song - Noboru and Mikako obviously care about each other, and while they're certainly together in spirit they continue to be divided by the emptiness of space.

    About the Editing
    The editing process took place over a roughly 18-hour period - I edited for about three hours on Christmas night and then another three or four hours when I woke up on the 26th.

    Stylistically, it's one of my simpler vids - lots of fading to black and crossfades, quite a few speed alterations (mostly slowing footage down - I love how the slow-motion footage looks), and a couple masks that I created in Photoshop. I didn't want the editing style to overpower the lyrics, so I'm happy with how the video matches the audio.

    Scene selection was fairly difficult - HnK is only about 25 minutes long, and in addition to that I used one or two scenes from the trailers that never appeared in the final cut. The fact that Noboru and Mikako only appear on-screen together for about... let's say 4 of those minutes (and I'm being generous with that number) made it even harder, but at the same time that's part of what makes the source work with the song.

    About the Video
    This video was edited for Reenie, my girlfriend of 8 months, on the occasion of her 20th birthday. Of course, in typical geeky fashion, we first "met" through the Anime Boston web forum - our first meeting was at AB04, and after that we saw each other once more, right before I left for Tokyo in August '04. For most of the time we've known each other, distance has been an issue - either I was in Tokyo, or we were both at home, a few hundred miles away from each other. Although we see each other frequently enough when we're both at school, our main method of keeping in touch with each other has been IMs, phone calls, and, yes, text messaging. While we tend to be away from each other fairly often, in reality we're always close to each other (say it with me: "awwwwww...")

    Anyway, I'll wrap this bit up without getting into further cheesiness. I will say that my girlfriend is absolutely amazing and I can't do enough for her to make up for how big a part of my life she's become. So, I hope she appriciates this AMV - and that we get around to editing the half-dozen ideas we've thought up.

    Technical Details
    Editing Software Used: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop CS
    Utilities used: EAC, DVD Decrypter, DGMPEGDec, AVISynth, BeSweet, AVIFrate, VirtualDubMod, Videora Converter

    The Local download is your standard-issue two-pass XviD with resolution of 640x480, edited to the Guide's specs, etc.

    The Direct download is something a bit special - an .mp4 encoded with Videora iPod Converter and enhanced a bit with iTunes 6.0.1. While this may seem random, I should probably mention how I presented the video to Reenie - I slipped it onto the black 5G iPod I got her for her birthday. It looked pretty good on the iPod, so if you have a 5G feel free to grab this version.

    Because, of course, no video profile is complete without lyrics. Sing along, everyone!

    Remembering, everything,
    about my world and when you came...
    Wondering, the change you'd bring,
    means nothing else would be the same....
    Did you know, what you were doing, did you know...
    Did you know how you would move me, well,
    I don't really think so...
    but the night came down and swept us away...
    and the stars they seemed,
    to paint the most, elaborate scene, today...

    How could we know, that so this show,
    we learned so much about ourselves...
    From Toledo, to Tokyo,
    the words were scribed on every page,
    and now there? books up on our shelves....
    Did you know; how you would move us, did you know...
    When the lights, first came upon us,
    and we, saw The Everglow...
    and the moment's magic swept us away...
    and the young mans dream, was almost seen to plain...

    When was the night,
    that showed us the sign,
    Revealed in the sky, to leave all behind. ...
    But where to begin? throw the caution, to the wind,
    We'll reach for the stars, everything is now, ours...

    Did you know, how you would move me, did you know...
    Did you know how you would move me well,
    I don't even think so...
    but the moments magic swept us away...
    and it's so close, but we're so far away...
    It's so close, but we're so far away...

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