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  • Member: Ekala
  • Title: Kadaj's Breakdown
  • Premiered: 2006-01-02
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    • Imogen Heap Let Go
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  • Comments: Yes, ANOTHER Imogen-AC AMV. Shut up. I'm addicted to making Advent Children AMVs at the moment, so get used to it.

    I'd explain this AMV, but, really, you either get it or you don't.
    Basically, it's about Kadaj and how from the beginning to the end he really just becomes a giant mess. *pats* Poor Kadaj. T__T

    My favorite part would have to be the fact that, in the AMV, Kadaj goes from being all high-and-mighty, I-know-everything, I-can-kick-your-ass, to WTF-is-going-on, I'm-totally-insecure, woah.
    It just is the spirit I was looking for.

    My least favorite part would have to be the whole first like...half. @__@ Stupid verses, go away! I had a lot of trouble and it's not half as good as it should be. It's possible I'll go back and touch this one up later.

    WARNINGS: Extremely odd. Again. And um...really huge spoilers. Again. xD

    Time: Roughly 5 hours
    Used: Windows Movie Maker

    PS: Anything that looks like lipsync...wasn't intentional. It kinda works, though. >>
    PPS: And people say it's hard to lipsync AC. I do it unintentionally all the time. o_o

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