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  • Member: shrink_laureate
  • Studio: Dyslexic Studeos
  • Title: Another Life
  • Premiered: 2005-12-31
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  • Song:
    • Amanda Abizaid A Place In Time (OST: The 4400)
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is the second in what looks to be a series of 'fake opening titles'. As with the Inu Yasha / Stargate opening, it will really only make sense to those who've seen both series. I have an idea what I'd like the third to be, but i don't have a copy of what I'd need...

    The approach this time was a little different, because there was no matching of character to character, and the imitation of the 4400 opening was much looser - it replicates the style of it, but not the moment to moment shots. The original 4400 opening contains no people, only situations left behind when people have left, and while that seemed like a cool way to do it, it turned out not to be what makes a good AMV. After all, scenes of empty rooms and landscapes may be pretty, but they don't really convey emotion the way people do. So i've got about one third of it people-less, where i felt the music would allow it.

    It's also not funny. Sorry about that. Timegate was well recieved at AyaCon 2005, mostly because of the jokes (and the fan-pleasing w00t4g3 of it), but I wasn't in the mood for comedy this time.

    Explanation of the resolution: This is encoded at the near-DVD resolution of 720x400. A widescreen DVD has a resolution of 720x480, with non-square pixels - each pixel of the video is taller than it is wide - so to get a square-pixel version it needs to be resized. Resizing the height down to fit the width at 16:9, that gives a resolution of 720x405, which is what the raw for this video was made at. Unfortunately, Xvid doesn't like resolutions that can't be divided by two, so when encoding i scaled it down again slightly to 720x400. This means very slight enveloping on a wide screen. In future, when dealing purely with wide sources (ie, an AMV with only one anime), i may try going through the whole process at source resolution with non-square pixels and see what happens.

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