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  • Member: Wyverex
  • Studio: Cassandra Complex
  • Title: Disillusions
  • Premiered: 2002-08-11
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    • Oomph! Dopamin
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    This is a dramatic/ambience AMV. Don't watch it like any other music videos, it's more a summary of Memories' first episode than a real AMV. It's just something special, different. The song is an instrumental, which helps ^_^.
    I also put it in the action category. There's not a lot of action in it, but it increases as the song gets louder, faster and more violent.

    It's also one of the rare Memories AMV out here, though everyone know this anime from Kevin Caldwell's Phantom of the Opera.
    THAT was kinda hard for me. People automatically associate Memories to Kevin's AMV... I had to make this vid under the Phantom of the Opera's shadow ^_^.
    I know that will influence on the opinions i'll (hope to) get. For exemple I can't watch a Black Heaven vid without comparing with Fluxmeister's Former Glory vid (which is one of the best AMV I've ever seen).
    Please also notice that I've open the Oomph! musical artist section (buy their "Ego" album if you already have all NIN stuff).

    I'll end this description by quoting a friend : "You surely captured the atmosphere of this particular anime. They may now close the bookz on it. The stand-alone video clip has been made. No one can make it better." Well maybe not exactly, but thanks anyway ^_^.

    [12.06.02:] The remastered version of "Disillusions", called "Désillusions", is now over. Grab it at :

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