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  • Member: Volcano Videos
  • Studio: Volcano Videos
  • Title: Goku and Vegeta, Stars, Potty Mouths , Canadians
  • Premiered: 2005-12-24
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    • Terrance & Phillip (South Park) Uncle F****er
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  • Comments: I got the title from kAzAmA GoTeN's AMV, Goku and Vegeta, Friends, Warriors, Enemys. Its a pretty nice vid you should check it out. Now back to this vid, it's my 1st vid using Adobe Premiere and I think it's pretty good for a 12 year old, yea thats right, I'm 12 years old and I understand Premire! My IQ is higher than my princible! Also if you notice the over usage of the Invert effect its because i use it every time a fart noise plays. I'm pretty proud of what I acomplished so download this vid... or i wll kill you. (JJ)

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