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  • Member: Yorae
  • Title: End and Beginning
  • Premiered: 2005-12-28
  • Categories:
    • Fun
    • Other
    • Sentimental
  • Song:
    • Goo Goo Dolls Better Days
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This AMV is my first Multi-anime vid and the first time I had attempted lip synch.

    Theme : This vid is a tribute to new year. You know, when all the fireworks start and people make all these new year resolutions and stuff. The AMV is basically set in a celebration and anticipation kind of way. There are singers, musicians, dancers and a whole lot of happy people waltzing around. The main theme I had in mind was that of fireworks,celebration, night and people looking at the sky, that's why most of the clips I used were at night or involved some sort of partying.

    Effects : There are hardly any effects here. The vid was something I did as an outlet of my college frustration, so I made sure it was something simple which I didn't get frustrated with while making. There are LOTS of overlays though.

    Time : This took about two weeks of work to put together but was stretched out to a month due to my other priorities.

    Song: the song is pretty self explanatory. I heard it on radio and liked the lyrics and the overall theme, so I kept it in mind for future use. And here it is ;P

    That's about it. Hope you enjoy the vid and Happy new year to you all ;)

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