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  • Member: silver_moon
  • Studio: Dark Moon Studios
  • Title: Dancing With Myself Remastered
  • Premiered: 2002-08-03
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  • Song:
    • Boomtang Boys Dancing With Myself
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  • Comments: Here is the remastered edition of my first video, Dancing With Myself.

    Changes from the original version:

    -I made this video using Premiere instead of Pinnacle (major difference there already)
    -Overall picture quality is improved because I finally have the space for lots of huffyuv files
    -There are a lot more cuts, and scenes are shorter and timed better timed than in the previous version
    -Scenes not used in the orginal are used
    -Used motion settings, titles, overlays, flips, strobe lights, speed settings, and various transitions (the orginal had no digital effects)
    -audio quality is improved
    -A lot of the same scenes I used are placed differently or cut shorter
    -The song is sped up to get a faster dance feel out of the video
    -A few lines were cut out of the middle of the song to avoid too much repetition
    -The whole song is now 3:40 in length
    -The entire video is paced WAY faster
    -Pretty much everything is just timed better overall, and I didn't just ignore changes in the music like in the first version

    Overall, I feel the remastered version is far, far superior to the original. I basically took my original idea then used what I'd learned the six months after I made the first version to make a better-edited video.

    I think the video is my best Final Fantasy one, although I don't like it as much as the videos I made using anime. I'm done with making FF videos, for now at least. I get more satisfaction from editing a video that has a concept and major connection to the series being used; it is nearly impossible to make a strong connection between an FF video and a song. Short CG sequences that just show a part of the actual game aren't really enough to make that connection happen. So, for now I'm only going to continue with making anime videos.

    The video is fun though, and you should like it if you like dance AMVs or lots of digital effects. Any comments would be appreciated;)

    Note: the DivX 5 codec is needed to play this video. You can download it for free at Also, the filename will be all messed because of a drawback from my video host, but you can rename it to something you'll recognize.

    I hope you like it^_^

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