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  • Member: Placid Chaos
  • Studio: Le Chemin Studios
  • Title: Invisible Fears
  • Premiered: 2005-12-22
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  • Song:
    • Fear Factory Invisible Wounds [The Suture Mix]
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  • Comments: Hello,

    Well, this is my first video on this website, and well, also my first video. I have always wanted to make AMVs ever since I saw my first one, which was by MeriC and walled called Redemption. I was very hooked on AMVs for three years now. So, now, I have created a music video with one of my favorite anime shows.

    I read the guides, including ErMac's guide, so, I downloaded AviSynth, and well, I have to say, it was quite easy to use. For other people who want to make AMVs, I suggest using those guides. Or else, I would have ended up making a WMM reject video.

    Well, the idea for this one was to...well....not really make a story.I just wanted to show off FMA, by showing all the emotions of Edward and other characters, such as Roy and Hughes. Fear, joy, and well, any emotioon you can think of. The story is mostly just fighting. This video for me was not a story video.

    I used DVD footage for this one, except for a few parts in the video where you can tell that there is significent change in quality. There are no subs, but there are black bars during parts of it. So, watch out. On quality, I'd give myself an 8 or a low 9, maybe a 7 too.

    The song I chose was Invisible Wounds, (Suture Mix). I liked this song when I first got their CD, but I liked the suture mix much better. In the other song, it sounded much different, not as crazy as this one. The song has not been overused, so, it isn't like Linkin Park or Evanescence.

    What else can I say? Can you please leave an opinion? I want to know how I did on my first video and how I can improve on this video. It is an opinion exchange if you want. Leave me an opinion and I'll leave you one. Thanks again.

    Technical Specs:
    Program(s) Used: Windows Movie Maker...Vegas Video 5.0
    Computer: Dell Demension Desktop, 70 gig
    Intel Pentium 4 processor

    Time Spent:
    One Month in WMM
    Three Weeks in Vegas Video 5

    Players Played In:
    Realplayer (Most recommended)
    VLC Player
    Windows Movie Player
    NOT DivX (It doesn't work on my computer, maybe your's)

    P.S. If anyone is interested in joining my studio, PM me anytime. I welcome anyone from noobs to pros. If you have any video requests for me, I also do that, so, feel free to PM me. Thank you again.

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