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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Title: You For The World
  • Premiered: 2005-12-22
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    • Kenny Loggins Meet Me Half Way
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  • Comments: This is a remake of my old video Across the Sky. After getting a lot of good reviews and comments on it I decided to go back and remake it. After watching it again however I didnt really care for the old version. I wondered why so many people actually liked it. Another reason that made we want to go back and remake it. I was originally going to remake this video in 2004 but for some one reason I didn't and the vid got pushed back even further. Two alternate titles for this video were Love Across Stars and New Beginnings. I noticed that the titleNew Beginnings was used for several other videos so I decided to wait until I came up with a better title. The editing of this video was a real nightmare. In the remake I wanted to go back and focus more on Domon and Rain. Finding footage with the two of them was very difficult. I practicaly had to go back and watch half of the series to actually find any thing. Then came putting the footage together. That was another hassle its self. I spent half of a month just getting the noraml footage in. And the effects were a pain as well. Especially the heart sequence towards the end of the video. I had to use a downloaded version of the opening sequence to the G Gundam opening since Bandai did not include it on the dvds. Damn them. Usually Bandai is very good about putting textless openings and closings but nooo not for G Gundam. I didnt really fill like shelling out 200 bucks for a R2 G Gundam box set just to have the textless openings. And the encode of this video was a pain as well. I wouldnt really recommend watching the video full screen. It looks really nasty. If I ever get into a better video quality I'll replace it. But as for now enjoy this version.

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