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  • Member: SilversLightning
  • Studio: Trinity Production Industries
  • Title: Screwy Anime Montage
  • Premiered: 2005-12-17
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  • Songs:
    • *NSYNC It's Gonna Be Me
    • POD Celestial
    • Sisqo The Thong Song
  • Anime:
  • Comments: All that I can say in my defense is that I was bored when I made this AMV.

    Small Size

    Note that this is an anime MONTAGE, which means that there is more than one song involved. Also note that I have no idea how to blend the songs into one, so there will be a short 2-3 second pause in between the songs.

    This is a very funny and fun video to watch that has very superb timing. I made this off of some imcomplete downloads that I had on a burnt CD (you know that can happen every now and then...) and background music from another CD. The songs are supposed to be imcomplete, that's what a montage is all about.

    Anywho, have fun watching this mess of an AMV! Sorry about the small size -_-'

    All comments are welcome. That is all.

    Quick comments:
    2006-07-06 16:02:44 The part with the Thong Song had some appropriate clips, I'd be interested to see what you could do with the entire song. Parts of it came together well. The Celestial part had a few good choices too but the part with what I think is a sailor scout transforming was perfect with the song. Felt like watching Windows Media Players effects. SUBS! You really need to work on the video quality of your videos, cleaner videos will give you better scores but don't sacrifice content! I didn't like the rest of the video. U-U
    2005-12-23 00:00:34 sorry no coment
    2005-12-18 12:06:09 Awesome video!!

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