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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Studio: Shin Hatsubai/Kuroi Kenshi
  • Title: Try Again
  • Premiered: 2003-01-10
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    • Sinergy Gallowmere
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  • Comments: I was clipping through AzuDai for demo #3, and really got into the show. I wanted to do a video using it to something short, snappy, fun, and unserious as video #46, so as a first reaction I went through the last two Witchery albums. No luck. Then I dug through my Huge Pile of Metal Mp3s (TM), and located a clip from Sinergy's "Gallowmere" that fit the bill. Of course, the clip was less than a minute long, and I was really looking for about two minutes of music, so I decided to do several takes of the same music in the same video. I worked on direction for a little while, and decided that the way to go was to have each "take" get progressively crazier, in both video and audio.

    I had already remixed the normal clip to get the riffs to go the way I wanted them to, and so for the second and third takes I did even more processing on the audio. Extra craziness in the second take mainly comes from video selection, where in the third take it's supplied by the heaviest special-effects load ever on a Shin Hatsubai video -- incidentally, all done in Virtual Dub, including the rotation and pendulum effects. Since this was an instrumental, the only lip-sync was in re-syncing the title cards between the takes in which Ayumu ("Osaka") announces what's coming next. I was working from subbed footage, so this meant going through frame by frame, noting what state her mouth was in, and assembling a new frame sequence to fit.

    Originally this video was meant to be even more ambitious than it already is, but the "intermission riffs" using samples from Type O Negative and Blind Guardian were cut for reasons of ease in compilation. The intro still uses a sample from "Flattening of Emotions" by Death, in which Sean Reinert does his damnedest to sound like he's playing a typewriter rather than a drumkit.

    This video was shown but did not compete at Ohayocon '03, in their "Whacked" category, and was sent to Megacon as a comedy video.

    Shin Hats Self Grade: A-. Problems with compiling the audio track made the sync drop a little bit overall, but this is a very funny, very strange video made from a very funny, very strange anime.
    Stats: #chips: 91. avg: 1.86 sec. total time: 56 hours.

    If you want Azudai, fast power metal, and more flashier effects done *right*, there is always SH095, which can be applied topically or internally if this video fails to provide satisfaction.

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