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  • Member: Satori
  • Title: Just Let Me
  • Premiered: 2002-08-05
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    • Jewel Break Me
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    The current version that's up is 1.3. If you have just_let_me-satori.mpg or just_let_me-satori2.mpg you don't have the current version. Also, you might need to turn the volume up on this one.

    The concept actually came from watching the Utena Movie and one of the scenes with Utena and Touga. It just made me so sad, and I started looking for a song that made me feel the way that scene did. That's how I found "Break Me". Jewel's voice is very full of emotion, and I thought it fit well with the scenes I chose. Note: the scenes weren't chosen for their actual content, but for the meaning they held for me. This video is deeply personal to me and I made it during the break up of a very important relationship in my life. It kind of helped me get through that by expressing this sadness.

    This video took me about 30+ hours. This is the second "serious" video I've made with Premiere. I'm still figuring out all the effects, etc.

    On a side note: this video made me really depressed while making it. I must have listened to that song about a hundred times or more o.o

    It would be really nice to get some feedback so I know what you liked or what I need to work on. Thanks ^_^



    I removed the send lip syncing near the end and replaced it with a scene and a transparency.

    I also added a transparency over the Misato kiss


    NOTE: I made a few small changes in two transparencies. The one at 2:00 with Touga: I shortened it. You can see the roses blend in with his hair now. It's slight, so you need to look to catch it.

    I also changed the one at 2:30 I think it is. It's with the eye from Ayashi no Ceres. I shortened it and also blended it at the end a bit better.


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