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  • Member: Fay-Sa
  • Title: Sakura's Once Upon a Dream
  • Premiered: 2005-12-14
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    • No Secrets Once Upon Another Dream
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  • Comments: HEY!!! Long time no see, this vid has got to be the longest one I have every work on, It took me forever to get it done, I was so busy with school but now I can fianly show to all who wish to watch it. First I want to thank pinky75910 for the song, I really needed a challage. This vid is also a marry X-mas gift for my friends and other who watch. Ok now the song say "I know u" and Tsubasa Sakura soppuse to not know Tsubasa Syaoran but I have Tsubasa Sakura dream about her CCS self and Syaoran's CCS self and it's kida like when she see Tsubasa Syaoran it's like Déjà vu but than it's like CCS Sakura is dreaming about the Tsubasa her and Syaoran, it's something like that and after the end of the song..... well u'll just have to see. Sorry if it's a little confusing. Oh almost forgot there are 2 count of lip sync in the music video one with CCS Sakura and CCS Tomoyo, u'll see it. Anyway I hope u enjoy this vid and leave ur opinions/comments plzs!!! Thank you^_^

    Quick Comments For: Sakura's Once Upon a Dream

    2006-10-07 22:02:37 Good video, went well with song. Awesome concept

    2006-08-26 20:16:27 very good sequences! and the final with sakura awaking up from a dream was just great ^^

    2006-05-22 23:21:35 Awsome ^_^

    2006-04-15 10:34:03 nice =3

    2006-04-05 16:32:58 Awesome video - so pro! ^_^

    2006-04-04 18:20:48 It was awsome! I loved the idea at the end!! Very creative. Flaw: the pictures came and went too fast. That sounds stupid, but I can't explain it a differetn way. :)

    2006-03-23 23:54:44 VERY GOOD! ^^

    2006-01-26 17:44:51 Loved the combination of series!!! loved the music and the images!!!

    2006-01-17 12:27:47 this is one of the best amv's i've seen. it's put together perfectly, and matches with the music just as well

    2006-01-08 11:08:18 you deserve an applaude, this video is very well made *clapclapcalp* good job!

    2006-01-01 02:26:41 very well done!

    2005-12-24 00:42:22 im so in love with this... made a vid with this song hope u dun mind =P (it's sm) been meaning to op this so maybe i wlill get to that someday! i hope! ~Rina

    2005-12-15 22:55:50 OMG!!! ITS A GOOD SAKURA & SHAORAN VIDEO!!! AWESOME WORK! (and its about time!!) lmao!

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