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  • Member: Ikasu
  • Studio: Smoothe Studios
  • Title: Enigma
  • Premiered: 2002-08-04
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  • Song:
    • Madonna Frozen
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  • Comments: The first drama video I\'ve ever created. So far everyone has said I\'ve done a excellent job on capturing the drama within this video. Taking a more artistic approach I began work on my Rurouin Kenshin OVA video which was called \"Enigma\". After starting work on this video I realized how much I needed a new computer....My pentium III 933 was heavily delaying my production time. After every 3-4 commands there was a 15-25 second lag within premiere. Now I realize it wasn\'t really the computer...It was Windows 98\'s limited use of ram....Restricting to 256 megs of ram usage and I had 512 dealed a big problem for the operating system as it always dealth with ram issues. Continuing through I pushed forward and finished my video....Exporting through Premiere....Then encoding with TMPG to get the final product. Some people believe I\'ve send this video to many cons but I don\'t think 6 or 7 is too

    Besides that point I really enjoyed creating this video....Running along with the tempo of the song and the scene selections are to my liking in this video. Some people believe I put a bit to much flashing but if you pay attention to the video and notice that with most the flashes the scenes change......Without the flash it would make the changing of scenes seem average...Which I did not want to do in this video. Therefore I inserted the flashes FOR the scene changes and to follow the tempo of the music.

    I\'ll stop now and let everyone get to the video...I hope you enjoy....


    PortConMaine 2002 - Fan Favorte & Judges Award
    Sakura-Con 2002 - Best Drama
    Mindwarp Spring/Summer AMV Contest 2002 - Best Drama


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