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  • Profile: I don't really know what to say. I've been editing for over 5 years, but I've only been working with Vegas since 2008. I also didn't start working with the AMV App until 2010. Thus, here lies my only complete "contest-level" amvs. The noticeable production lag is due to having WAY too many interests. lol So this is what you get. ^^"

    ~Other things about my editing~
    1. Most of the time I want my videos to MEAN something. So...there's usually some kind of hidden message.

    2. I tell the anime like it is. To me, amv-making is just fast-paced advertising that requires you to greatly condense a story. Because of this, my videos almost always span an anime from beginning to end. Sometimes they are (nearly) perfectly chronological too, like the case of "Worlds Apart."

    3. Due to the fact that my style is chronological storytelling, I will only use anime movies or short series of about 13 to 26 episodes. It's just easier to condense without losing main details.

    4. I'm fond of minority animes. One of my main goals as an amv maker is to popularize anime that I believe need more attention. "The Galaxy Railways," my favorite anime, is the best example of that.

    5. I LOVE 80's ANYTHING!!! I can't resist going retro every once and a while. Overall, I prefer older anime anyway. :/

    6. Variety is the love of my life. I told you before that I don't make many videos because I have several interests. Well...I have many different interests in anime genres as well. Never gonna use a source more than 3 times! You can count on that!

    ~Random Facts~
    1. I enter a TON of contests. Some I win. XP

    2. I've used Windows Movie Maker (since I was 13), Sony Vegas 8.0 Platinum Edition (for "A Thousand Miles Per Second" only), Sony Vegas Pro (since 2009), and Photoshop CS5+ (since late-2009 with "Riddles, Rhymes, and Reason").

    3. I didn't know what a tutorial was until late-2009. So, I taught myself editing just by playing with programs and trusting my ears.

    4. Today, I still don't watch tutorials because I'm too stubborn to learn outside of my own intuition. And in all reality (lol and modesty), "A Thousand Miles Per Second" proves I had mastered general editing by then anyway. So I'd just be wasting my time watching them.

    5. My real life/personal videos can be found at:

    6. One of my old WMM amvs came in second on Kh-vids's video portal top 5 for one week. It is viewable on youtube and is named "Sora's Call n' Return."

    7. I've been a member of Youtube since October 29, 2006.

    8. I write itunes reviews. And yes, I'm StarTrinity009 on there too.

    9. I sell AWESOME designs here:*

    10. I cyber-stalk A LOT of amv editors. Please take it as a sign of affection. I'm not weird. I just study you. O.O

    11. My username came from Oban STAR Racers, Kingdom Hearts (lol Trinity Limit), and...well...random numbers. Also, my username was originally supposed to be StarHearts009, but I was so nervous typing it into Youtube that I put "Trinity" instead of "Hearts." Hehe. Hey! I was 14! It was my first online account. I had a right to be nervous!

    12. My first time AMV judging was for the 2012 Judge's Choice Awards here on

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Galaxy Railways, The (TV)
Star Blazers: The Quest For Iscandar
Romeo Juliet (TV)
Cosmo Warrior Zero
5 Centimeters per Second (Movie)
Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)
His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano)
Rumbling Hearts (TV)
Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens (TV)
Spirited Away

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