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  • Profile: A little about myself... I've been an anime addict since 1995. I started going to conventions in 1999. I cosplay, that the main thing I do along with completeing in the masquarades ,art and now music vids. I completed my first music vid about 2 months ago. I was working on 2 before my computer totally kicked the bucket. I probably won't be making anymore anytime soon because of it. Someday I would love to have a computer with all the bells and whistles! Something to serve my technical needs and an editing program that actually works like it's supposd to. I think Music vids are another way to get out my creativity.
    I made my first vid in a matter of 2 days. But, it's because I did a lot of planning outside the music vid. Because of rave reviews by the people around me, I desided to enter it in a music vid contest. You know what happend there? Let's just say someone on Anime Central's staff is a real prude. I ended up getting disqualified because of fanservice!!! There was nothing in the rules that said no fanservice. Anyways, if u ever see my Labyrnth of Flames vid to the music Russian Lullaby....make the judgement call! Tell me what ya think.......I am all ears! WHA-HA-HA-HA

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Vandread: 1st Stage
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Fancy Lala
Maho Tsukai Tai! (OVA)
Labyrinth of Flames

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