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  • Profile: Its Been Two years since i last uploaded a video to the org and to tell the truth i dont think im even wanted here, but i think its time to stop being a youtube noob. im gonna stop using Naruto to much and focus on editing the right way somepeople might say. Right now all i wanna do is get noticed by some good editors. im going to start buying more dvds, ripping and making GREAT amvs outta them. Thats me editing wise.

    Personally i think im a loose kinda guy unless something happens than i tend to freak out, Some of you might know me from the dz fourms, yeah that isnt me its just that SOME people like to joke around TO MUCH and i kinda get worried,

    People i admire and look up too

    Scarlet - Yeah thats my sis, she is a good editor but she just lost her touch ATM

    DaFreshPrinceofLa - He is really funny cool guy i enjoy alot of his most recent work, sometimes a idiot but overall he is really cool, inspired me for my most recent amv "Wish"

    Sierra Lorna - she is one of the BEST female editors, i always look at her work, she inspired some of my work to tell you the truth

    Aaron - He is a alright person but he tends to rant on about stuff i barly know of and im just like "Lol Right..."

    Silvermoon - She is awesome, i hate the fact that she retired, i loved her amvs since i was a beginner.

    DaCoolGohan - For some reason ive been liking more and more of his work, he is kinda of a wierd person, funny, but wierd. One of my favorite editors for the moment.

    Ill keep adding more names when i think of it, this is just off the top of my head
    Editing programs i use
    Final Cut Pro 5 (on my mac)
    Sony Vegas 7.0 (on my dell)
    adobe premiere (On My Mac)
    Yeah i know, those are mac and windows programs, i dont use boot camp i got a mac laptop and a Windows destop (Dell) i dont like windows but i guess i like vegas.

    Tools I use
    Nic's FourCC changer
    MPEG StreamClip

    Where do i find my music
    it can be anywhere, in a amv i like or itunes, maybe one of my friends faved a video on youtube and i see it, it depends.

    i love most of the anime in my 10 favorite animes list but NOTHING CAN EVER BEAT Avatar, i know its not a anime but its just as good as one, thats why i love it so much

    My Favorite bands:
    Armor For Sleep
    Afternoon Zero
    Taking back Sunday
    Uverworld- not really that much!

    If you want to talk i have like 2 or 3 different emails
    Aim: Mkidkap123
    Youtube: Mkidkap123

    I have no current project, at the moment because im switching from windows to mac ands its kinda hard with some things but oh well.

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