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  • Profile: It would originate of Ukraine, I am already two years old of living in this beautiful country Costa Rica, I am very pleased people here have been very beautiful with I crumb, that that me full with a lot of pride for that my mother is Costa Rican. My name is Laura Garnet.

    There are many things that I like among them the one it Anime I have the pleasure of the, but there of the one it Anime they are generally the AMV`s to me it returns me crazy, it is an addiction it is like a drug, I have AMV`s of all type and styles of you Anime them that but I like but I had always wondered that she would feel to create one.

    When she enters to work in the university I am interested a lot a club to be only in their type in the country, era a club of Film directors where the members guided by a professor learned several forms of Address and they shared their experiences with special works created by themselves I found very interesting so I decided to enter. In that club I met Alvaro Ruiz and I also learned many edition techniques and address that I hope to put on approval this year.

    I hope my work is of its pleasure. ¡Pura Vida!

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