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  • Profile: So like yeah I'm a dude that goes by the name darkpwns hereabouts, amvs by me? Good luck with that one, I've only made one and there are no longer any copies of it in existence. Now about me in general:

    I stumbled upon amvs sometime in late 2006, i found it intriguing but i couldn't figure out how to make one myself untill July of 2007 when I used Sony Vegas 7.0 to create a Naruto video nobody will ever see XD. After having fun creating my very own amv I started taking notice of other editors and began socializing with them, through this I've learned a lot about editing. I have been editor's blocked ever since I began learning the deeper parts of editing, but I believe that to be because I like to edit progressively, so when I lack ideas i can not continue. I have changed the way I edit now so you might expect something from me soon ^_^. I make a great amount of betas so if you ever wanna see one you can message me at:

    AIM: darkpwnsamv
    Either one is fine i use them at the same time =O

    My Music Tastes:

    Well I don't have a specific genre I like, and because of this it will be a pain to list every musical artist i listen to, but I would say I enjoy soft rock more than hard rock but I am also a big fan of metal music =D

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These Small Hours
More than Enough
Let Go
Path Of Love

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    • Crossfade Colors
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