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    I love talking to people, my alter-ego (Shane) works at a little market as a cashier and makes pretty good pay. I love to swim and play videogames. I love watching movies, and sometimes i enjoy drawing.

    My bestfriends are Jessica & Keyla, (crescentteardrop, itsumo_bara) they've supported me and been there for me forever... lol. Jessica introduced me into anime, Sailormoon, in particular, pretty freakin' awesome anime. lol. Good old school.

    I love editing, it's soo much fun, and i feel so good when doing it, therefore; i am aspiring to become one when i get older. Please, criticize, give me the good & bad, i need to know so i can grow in my dream. =3
    thank you,

    * * *
    Vids in PROGRESS:

    Kare Kano - "Better Together" - Planning.
    "No Name" - Full Metal Panic! && FUMOFFU - "Secret Agent Man" 20% complete
    * * *
    Manga I'm Interested In:
    Imadoki (Nowadays)
    Peach Girl
    Alice 19th
    Ayashi No Ceres
    Fruits Basket **
    Full Moon **
    Kare Kano
    Dream Saga
    Juvenille Orion
    Fushigi Yuugi
    Marmalade Boy
    Ultra Maniac
    Peach Girl : Change of Heart
    Dream Saga (good choice Jess!)
    Host Club
    Cardcaptor Sakura : Master of the Clow
    One Piece
    Full Metal Panic!

    //*Favorite Artist: Yuu Watase :)

    * * *
    Non-anime Music Videos:
    Yours To Keep - Peter Pan vid. - You can still watch HERE!!!
    * * *
    What I Want List:
    1. Peach Girl
    :: So i ordered this the other day month, and no matter how much we bug the seller they refuse to write back or send it... wow... //sigh//
    2. Full Moon Wo Sagashite
    :: Really cute, and heartwarming... a bit sad at times but just for the ending i'd by the second box set.
    3. Full Metal Panic? : FUMOFFU (Vol. 1 would suffice)
    :: This is my most favorite comedy show of all time... it ALWAYS makes me laugh!!

    //I GOT EVERYTHING I NEED FOR X-MAS =3, sank yuuu!
    // Adobe Photoshop 5.0
    // Adobe After Effects 5.0
    // Sony Graphics Computer
    // 2 GB RAM


    Itsumo Bara says HI!! AISHITERU ~xoxoxoxoxoxoxo~ ^_^ (you can erase after u see this i just wanted to drop by)

    -- why would I erase you?? haha. that's right... ur gonna be on here for a LOOONG time... muahahaha! *cough* lol.

    Aishiteru, Sakari -best wishes- FETUS

    -- I wonder who wrote that? hehe.

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Fushigi Yuugi
Kare Kano
Peach Girl
Ayashi no Ceres
Marmalade Boy

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