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  • Profile: This is an old profile whose pass I only recently found. The full catalog of SH videos, besides the one listed here, can be found at

    However, that one isn't good about displaying the profile, so here it is:

    Kai is a self-taught bass player who picked up some editing gear a while back and started inflicting a bizarre vision of reality on an unsupecting world. He practices a school of AMV editing known as Hasshin Ryu that throws out virtually everything prescribed by the various guides, but nonetheless produces videos in competition quality at an unbelievable rate of speed. It is NOT true that he has either a pact with the devil or a professional production studio at his disposal.

    Kai believes in heavy metal, solid editing, and speaking his mind about things he disagrees with, including but not limited to slow AMV creation, heavy use of digital effects (aka "digital spackle"), cutting on beats by design, and any video software product made by Adobe.

    Formerly, the only people who had learned to fear Kai's creations were those who were members of BAS, as small anime club in the frozen north of Maine. Now, though, nowhere is safe. Here are a few of the conventions whose AMV contests have been plagued by Kai's work -- and a few over which his threat still hangs....
    Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 3.14159
    Anime Festival Orlando 3
    Canadian National Anime Expo 2002
    AnimeFEST 2002
    Nan Desu Kan 6
    Anime Weekend Atlanta 8
    Anime USA 2002
    Ani-Magic 2002
    Nekocon Victory
    Sugoi Con 2002

    This list will continue to grow, to the fear and travail of the AMV community, as time passes by and Kai keeps making videos.

    Kai's gear:
    computer: 500Mhz K7 x 128MB RAM; 20GB Maxtor
    capture card: Dazzle DVC II (not functioning)
    editing environment: Dazzle MovieStar (NOT a ghetto editor, so shut up)
    audio capture tool: CDex
    audio editor: Nero Wave
    video effects tools: Virtual Dub

    Kai is currently a member of a certain anime society in Cambridge, MA; if for some reason emailing is inadequate to contact him, you can find him pretty easily at their Friday night showings. Biker types are for some reason rare in anime fandom; see the picture assocated with the profile linked above for a better clue.

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Marmalade Boy
Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X - 1st OVA (Tsuiokuhen, Trust & Betrayal)
Perfect Blue
Serial Experiments Lain
Princess Mononoke
Bomber Bikers of Shonan
Love Hina (TV)
City Hunter: The Motion Picture

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