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  • Profile: Ok . . . so here's the story.

    "It's Good to Be in Love" is my first vid, the timing sucks, but . . . It's my attempt at "redeeming Sakura for Sasunaru fans," Which, is an exercise in futility . . . but I tried.

    "Listen," my second vid, is so much better than my first vid it surprised me. This vid has made fangirls cry. (or at least get teary eyed) "Listen" is my baby, even through everything that went wrong in the process of making it, I look back on it as a learning experience.

    "Get Him Back" is a clip. It's not a full AMV. I didn't put the effort into it that I put into a full AMV. It's simply me playing around with lipsyncing. I found it amused me, so rather than throwing it in the bin, I posted it here.

    "Getting Scared" is an AMV I whipped up in a day. It's good for what it is, and I'm fond of a few of the little edits. It was supposed to be my final AMV where SasuNaru is concerned, but a You Tube'er has convinced me to make one more. (see below.)

    "Ouran Ritz & Rhapsody" is just crack. It's not too serious an endeavor, as such. It's just fun.


    I'm about 2/3 done with my next AMV. I'm trying rather hard on this one, so hopefully it'll be recieved well. It's a Death Note AMV, made in WMM like all of my vids. It should be up by the end of the year. I hope.

    Also, I recieved a special request for a SasuNaru AMV from a watcher on You Tube . . . to The Kilers' Mr. Brightside . . . that will be started on once I finish the Death Note AMV. So soon, but not very.

    After these two, I'm going to try and switch editing programs. I think I've gotten everything out of WMM that I can possibly get, and I want to broaden my horizons. Any suggestions for programs would be lovely.

    That's it. ^^ Thanks for everything!

    Sailor Red

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