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  • Profile: Hello, and allow me to introduce myself. My name is Justin. I have been editing for around 5-6 years now. I have been in-and-out of this community for the past 3 yerars and havent had alot of time lately to buckle down and edit... heres why

    First off, I have been uber busy learning the ins and outs of audio production. I love music, and video editing is my most creative field besides making music. I would liek to benefit this community as a mix producer. If you are working on setting up a MEP and dont have a mix yet, message me and I will reply to you with my thoughts on the subject. I have been in several MEP's but only one of which have i completed. Demons Within with Warheart was the one I was featured in most recently. I encourage you to see it if you havent, all the editors did superb. I would like to say, that if you have any interest in working on a project with me, just message me and we may be able to work something out. =)

    I would like to take a second to tell you about my best buddy Karen, shes an amazing editor. I have to give her credit. I taught her how to video edit, and hell, id have to say at this point, she may even be better than me. One thing is for sure, she has a hell of alot of free time to edit, :cry: i wish i did, lol....

    shes located here ---->

    anyways, Right now, I am in posession of these programs:

    Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
    After Effects 1.5
    Photoshop 2.0
    Illustrator 2.0
    Sapphire FX
    Various other plugins and generators+++

    and some audio based information about me and my production studio:

    I own:
    Korg Triton Studio : Music Workstation/Mixer
    Alesis Ion: Preformance keyboard
    Mini Korg analog USB synth
    Trigger Finger USB pad
    Korg D3200 : 36 Channel Digital Recording Studio Mixer ++

    Adobe Audition 1.5
    Sony Acid 5.0
    Logic Platinum 5.5
    Cubase SX 3
    Sony Soundforge 8

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