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  • Profile: I've been making AMVs for about a year and a half now. I'm not very good at it, but I sure as hell enjoy doing it. I never use any special effects or anything like that (so far, anyway), but I usually like the finished product. I am one of 3 founders of, on which my AMVs are hosted (they are also listed below). Check out my work and my site if you ever have time, and I hope you enjoy all of it as much as I enjoyed making all of it. PEACE!!

    Well it is now 12.27.02, just 4 days after I joined this site, and I've already been forced to change my video download links. I did have nice direct links to my videos in .mpg format, but they got downloaded so much that I exceeded the alotted bandwidth for my website and it crashed. I had to take down the .mpgs and make an indirect link to the streaming versions of my videos on my site. They are still quite good, but the streaming video DOES REQUIRE WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 7. If you would like to get an .mpg version of any of my videos there are instructions on my page on how to do so. When I get more time I am going to look into uploading the .mpg versions on this site.

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