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  • Profile: Important Note: It seems like there's some problems with how my videos play on some computers, so I'm uploading them to a youtube account, which can be found here:

    Hopefully, this will fix the problems. Enjoy! ^_^*


    Hey all! ^_^*

    I'm a total fangirl at heart, and the point of making AMVs for me is to share my fangirlish-ness with everyone else who feels the same. :p

    That's right! I'm not doing this to be the best, or to have the most amazing effects, I'll leave that to the professionals. I'm just doing this for kicks, and eventually I'll figure out all the technical jargon, but for now whatever. *shrugs*

    If anyone has any advice for me, feel free to leave it, but please make it constructive! We are all just fans of anime, sharing our love through semi-legal means here, after all. ^_^*

    Also, I'm a HUGE yaoi fan! That's right! I love yaoi! My favorite pairings are Sasunaru (Naruto), Riku/Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Roy/Ed (FMA), and Taito (Digimon). But there are plenty more I like, too, so be sure that they'll come up eventually.

    I really do mean that I'm just doing this for fun, so please just take my AMVs for what they are. ^_^* I make them with my twin sister, siriuslyyellow, and she deserves half the credit!

    Also: I try to make public the comments that seem to have both negative and positive things in them, without being entirely negative or positive. I absolutely LOVE the comments and quikc comments that go "I LOVED THAT!!" and of course I get disappointed by the comments that go "WORST AMV EVER!!" Overall, though, I feel like well-written comments might give you a better idea of what the AMV is like after all. (And what's with not being able to see all the comments anyway? How can you tell what AMV is worth dl-ing if you can't see what other people thought about it first?)

    Thanks a lot, and enjoy the AMVs! ^_^

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