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  • Profile: The first AMV I ever saw was Kevin Caldwell's "Engel." It dropped my jaw completely and is still my number one favourite, even after having watched lots of other great and awesome videos.

    Making AMV's is for me a childhood dream come true. I have, like many others in my generation, been heavily influenced by cartoons ever since I was very little. I used to try to imitate my favorite cartoon characters and retell all the jokes to my friends, which was of course impossible; the reason being, what's fun in cartoons is not fun in real life. If you should come across a real person who laughs exactly like Goofy you'd probably not want to talk to them for very long, and if you met two people as evil as Tom & Jerry, you'd soon walk the other way. And those are three of my all-time favorite cartoon characters.

    My passion was taken to a new level not a whole year after the word 'anime' was explained to a completely unenlightened general public in the Swedish video game magazine "Super Power". This must have been around 1997 or thereabouts. By then, nobody had heard of manga or anime, and it would still be many years before the Swedish publishers realized the money they could make with manga (except that Sailor Moon had already been translated and had its own magazine, but it looked like any old comic mag, and not like manga). Me and a friend who was quick on the uptake started ordering VHS tapes of Tenchi Muyo OVA and Evangelion from a specialized store in Stockholm, and the madness had begun.

    Since then, my warm and tender love for animated films in general and comic ones in particular has been somewhat cooled by the sheer enormous amount of anime series that has found its way onto my hard drive through that double-edged sword called Internet. Back in the day, you used to sit through half an agonizing hour of "Lilla Sportspegeln" just to see one episode of Tom & Jerry, and get up at seven on a weekend to tape Taz-Mania. And pay up big bucks for a VHS tape with two episodes of your favorite anime. Of course, I (and anyone who finds themselves nodding nostalgically at this) have only ourselves to blame for this inflation in entertainment value. The way to go is of course to pick a show you _really_ want to see, and then work your butt off for a while so you can buy the DVD:s. But with 10 Mbit/s for a couple of bucks a month, it's just so hard to keep the computer turned off...

    Still, if it hadn't been for the Internet, I wouldn't have discovered the show that is the most tender-hearted expression of the love of animated physical comedy in many years, i.e. FLCL.

    Making AMV's, then, is the best way I've found to express my love for the two entertainment mediums that have so enriched my life for almost 24 years, cartoons and music. I wonder if other AMV creators think of this hobby this way, or if they just put stuff together for the hell of it, or to get the attention of others? I think you can tell from their work; if there is love for the music, it shows in the video. And if there is love for the anime, it also shows in the video.

    If you look at it from the perspective of growing up with a strong love of cartoons, then no wonder so many people are sensitive about the AMV's they make, and beg people to validate them by giving good opinions. It's the best way they've found to express their naive and colorful childhood fantasies! But alas, eveyone has to grow up sooner or later, and to make AMV's that are actually good, there is more to do than just bring the child within you back to life.

    Anywho, enough nostalgic rambling.

    I'm not really into too-serious or sentimental AMV:s, and I've never been a fan of heavy metal. Besides that, I tend to like music that is original more than I like a particular kind. I couldn't say 100% sure what my favourite kind of AMV is, but perhaps it's the ones that: (1) Have a clever concept. The song and the anime have to make some sort of sense when put together. I believe this is something you can achieve only by really loving the music and/or the anime. Example: "The Fanservice Video" by Zarxrax. (2) Have a lot of work put into them. I think making AMV's is a perfectionist's kind of job. Example: "Tainted Donuts" by E-Ko.

    My first video ("Excel's Middle Name") was not exactly a masterpiece, and that wasn't what I aimed for either. I had the greatest time making it, and it seems some people enjoyed watching it too. That way, I felt I was getting twice as much back from the work I put into it.

    My AMV dream is an Evangelion video to a certain song by PJ Harvey. I'm not even going to start on it before I feel confident that I can pull it off just the way I want it.

    I LOVE AMV'S!!

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