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    Well, The name is Nikki. And Nikki is back in Action!
    I am now starting to make video's AGAIN! yay! So excited again. Anyways, Editing is what i've been doing for years. Where talkin about, 4 to 5 years of editing. I'm in a broadcasting class at school so I do editing at there and at home so it's a thing I do. I have good taste in music when it come's to my music videos or my commericals for my broadcasting class.

    In case of you are wandering what program I make my videos is Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. I used to use WMM. If you don't know what that is, it's 'Window's Movie Maker' it's very old and I was using that program for about 2 years. Grade 8 to grade 10 if I may say. Then I got Adobe Premiere Pro. I used that for a while until stupid me, downloaded codecs and new programs to read certain clips that it ended up corrupting it's system so i can't have any of my clips DivX in the premiere or it's not going to look right. Then for some reason it wouldn't render like it used to before. I don't know why but i stopped editing with it. I couldn't just go back making vids with WMM it just, wouldn't feel right. So, I gave up basically for a while. Lately i've been going through youtube and watching other people who edit like me and i sorta got jealous and frustrated cause of my problem so, i started to search for hack/cracked programs and i manage to download and crack the system of Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and i accomplished my mission and uber happy about this all over again. ^_^

    For anime, well As you can tell, i LOVE final fantasy. So, I will be using Final Fantasy's for my editing as well as Kingdom Hearts. But do not worry, i'll be doing music video's with other anime soon. So just sit tight and hang on ^_^

    That's all for now.
    Now, will you excuse me, I'm going to edit... for about... 5 hours xD

    PLease comment. The more comment's I get, the better I will be.
    And don't forget,
    I have other vids that aren't on here uploaded on my youtube account.

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