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    [Crowd] - "Hello, Chris!"

    I started watching anime way back with Robotech and Voltron in the 80's. After a long hiatus, I found Technoman on UPN and the flame was rekindled. I have never looked back.

    AMVs are a different story. My sad, slow dial-up would not allow me any real on-line connection until I got to college (Ohio State, for any who are wondering). Floating around mIRC and CuteFTP, I discovered this wonderful artform known as 'AMV'. I downloaded dozens. Then, I found dozens more. Every once in a while, I would think how cool it would be to make my own. However, I was still preoccupied with my new anime to worry about setting my own music to them.

    Fast forward... three years later, I am in the Army. I get horribly injured,and find myself with time on my hands. I dig through some old CDs and find my AMVs! The bumper for one of them has listed. I resolve to visit this site.

    Fast forward again... I am the proud owner of AMVapp and Adobe Premiere 6.5. I square my shoulders and prepare to enter this brave new world of anime music videos.

    My rig is a home built set-up:
    PIII 1.7
    1.5 GB DDR RAM
    40x CD-R/W / DVD-ROM
    30 GB main hard drive
    90 GB secondary hard drive

    My software is:
    Adobe Premiere 6.5
    Adobe After Effects 4.0
    Adobe Photoshop 5.0
    Everything in AMVapp v2

    Oh yeah... I have a hard copy of ErMaC and AD's Guide to Everything Audio and Video. It is perfect for finding answers and useful scripts. Thanks, guys!

    *** For anyone who is wondering, and does not speak japanese... 'Saishu Heiki' translates to 'Ultimate Weapon'***

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