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  • Profile: Hmmm How to start...... Ok to start when i was typing this firefox messed up and always put business on top of the spelling error list O_o (very annoying). second Happy New Year, and i have not really been able to do any new amvs since BOOM came out. But hopefully in this year i will produce better and more amvs. What is to come in this year is hopefully a bunch of amvs. and possibly a web site (if i can get time to do so). For the website I'll hopefully be able to upload every one to it so you will have more then one option for downloading. Along with the extra option in downloading if/when the site is up i will introduce different quality for every video for your personal preference.

    My pc (only one for now -.-)
    I built MY OWN PC (with some help)
    currently price with software and hardware: $1,450 Approx.
    OS:Win XP
    Hard Drives: One SATA 320GB, one 100gb IDE*
    Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere 6.5
    Audio Extractor Software: CdEx 1.51**
    CD/DVD drives: 1 LG CD-RW 52x, 2 LG DVD-RW 16x
    (current broken)

    * i first got the IDE for my computer cuz my friend said it was ok... But latter found out that i only had 2 IDE slots and like 4 of the SATA -.- sadly this is the slave drive -.-
    ** I buy ALL MY MUSIC. a few exceptions is if i dont know the artist or never heard there music before, then i would listen to them on a site like youtube or a streaming site.
    It is no different in my Anime either, i currently have close to 5 thousand in Anime approx :P i just might have more. i on average spend about 200-500 a week on Anime some times less as there is nothing i like that is out. my most current anime is prob. Red Garden and i am waiting till the third disc comes out on the 22 of this month.

    The site is up but not complete
    What i hope my website will have upon completion:
    - List of Anime I own
    - List of AMV's Completed

    *NOTE* I have been having some problems with the main site so here is the forums page and you will need to sign up for it. have fun :P

    I might throw in a few extra things that are not listed in this list on the site.

    The most fav (by rating) of my videos is "boom" but not many hits so i would have to say it is "life sucks 4 Haruhi" but i am slowly getting better by the looks of things :P

    Computer is currently down due to some crooked business men :( also my site (.com) is having DNS issues or something like that... i know how to fix it but i dont have the time to get to it so use this site (exact same)

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Yue and Asuna's bright side


Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, The (TV)
Martian Successor Nadesico
Gundam Wing
Love Hina (TV)
Red Garden (TV)
Tenchi Muyo: Toko Muyo (PSX)
Ranma 1/2
Perfect Blue

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