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  • Profile: I've been watching Anime or Japanamation as it was known to me then for roughly 10 years now, its one of my great passions. I've been watching AMVs for a few years now, i've been blessed getting to watch some great works done by ones such as: Dragon Master Cail, Maboroshi Studios, Kusoyaro, Aluminum Studios, OtakuVengence, and my long time favorite VicBond007.

    About 6 months ago I did something I never even considered possible, I made my own AMV and put it under the name of Onyyx Studios....though I would be lying if I were to say that the Studios part really meant anything. I have 4 videos under my belt now with alot of difficult lessons behind me and many more to come. If you watch my videos in Cronological order you will undoubtably see what I mean. My Numb Angel video is finally up!! Yay!

    I still have so much to learn about making AMVs I try to bring forward an idea or story from each of my videos. I prefer not to put too many effects into my videos, some of my favorite videos were simple on the technical/effects end but well laid out in artistic merit, and I prefer to follow that style of AMV creation.

    While I do make my videos for my own personal enjoyment, I am curious to see what the community has to say about my work so please let me know what you think. Everyone enjoys being appreciated after all.

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Strawberry Eggs (I My Me!)
Love Hina (TV)
Full Metal Panic
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Vampire Hunter D
Angel Sanctuary (OVA)
Armitage III OAV

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  • Living Dead Alita (2004-03-11)
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    • Rob Zombie Living Dead Girl
    • Battle Angel
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  • Numb Angel (2003-12-02)
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