JOURNAL: KagatoAMV (Nic Neidenbach)

  • Freakin' server 2002-12-10 12:16:05 Well, the FTP server is acting up again. I'm not sure for how long, but if the list of problems people have had downloading my videos is any indication, its been acting up for a while.

    My appologise to anyone having trouble with it. I'll see if I can't get it working or just rebuild the blasted thing.

    Gotta make friends with someone with a working server.  
  • Web Site Revamp 2002-12-03 10:42:05 Been over a year since I did any design work on my Studio Hybrid website. I really think it needs a new look. But what to do with it? Thats the question.

    If anyone reads this, and has suggestions or comments, please fire them over to me at

  • Paying Gig 2002-11-21 13:11:08 Amazing how a paying video project will put all AMV work on hold. :)

    Should be done with it soon, its a basic edit job, removing some unneeded footage, editing some of the cuts so they're less jarring and putting some stuff in a different order than it was shot. Since I didn't shoot the video, I don't have any control over the actual quality of the shots.

    Should be back on track for the Unforgiven remaster and DDR project tests. 
  • Back to AMV-ing 2002-11-04 14:22:48 With Halloween done, its time to get back on track with my AMVs. Last year I took a break following AWA's entries and didn't start up again until the deadlines began to loom for 2002. That was about a five month break with now video work.

    Not so this year; I finished marking the beats on the Unforgiven remaster, began examining songs/anime for new projects as well as sampling Bobbit for possible use in the next DDR project.

    No bad feedback about the Kagato costume following the wedding, so I don't think I made a compleate fool of myself. ;) 
  • Thrill to the... Embarassment! 2002-11-01 19:07:21 So, my Kagato costume went over pretty well this Halloween, especially in a group with so few knowledgeable about Anime.

    Lots of little details didn't turn out quite as well as I would have liked. I'm not sure if the costume is good enough to wear to a convention.

    Check out my profile for the embarassing picture. ;) 
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