JOURNAL: Shin-AMV (Shin )

  • @bashar 2012-03-31 07:01:34 I'll be getting to Boston sometime around Noon on Thursday. 
  • @peoples 2012-03-29 01:24:21 @Ileia
    Yeah, collecting the cats. I'm hoping their fuzzy cuteness can get me through the next few days of boredom though.

    Well, at least I could have stuff open and pretend I was being productive though :P 
  • Oh dear god. 2012-03-28 03:09:33 So I don't have access to a computer that can do any kind of editing for the next 3 days. The Delirium Tremens have already set in... 
  • @Steins;Gate 2012-03-21 00:12:15 God damn it Steins;Gate, why can't you just cooperate with me. *headdesk* 
  • @driftroot 2012-03-06 01:13:16 haha, I have those AMV associations with commercials a lot too.

    I got a chuckle from this one:
    Fate and freshness go hand in hand. 
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