JOURNAL: Hagaren Viper (Caleb Taylor)

  • Fanboy senses tignling 2012-08-02 18:54:17 Digimon Season 1 on DVD
    Persona 4 Arena
    Persona 4: The Animation
    Persona 4: The Golden
    Pokemon Black/White 2
    Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
    3DS XL
    Playstation Vita
    Sonic Adventure 2 [PSN]




    That said, I already reserved Digi and Persona 4 Arena. Can it be Tuesday already?
  • Jamaica! 2012-07-20 21:58:16 I'll be heading out in about half an hour to go to Jamaica for the week! I'll be glad when I get on the plane, because I haaate packing and that feeling of "What if I forget something?!".

    So of course I won't be around until next Friday or so. No MEP betas from me, no sir. Sorry! I'll be able to work on them much more when I get back, this is my last summer adventure this year. 
  • 'Lickachu' indeed. 2012-07-19 22:39:39 Just finished ep 2 of Anohana. I'm not sure if Im more amused that the characters are blatantly playing Pokemon, or that I recognized one of the sound effects used in said game from Persona 3/4 [Its the sound effect used in Persona fusion].

    I do like that they barely hid the fact that they were playing Pokemon though rather than a complete bland name product thats kind of the same. It kinda makes the scene more relate-able, don't we all have fond memories of playing Pokemon as a kid?

    Only *I* would make a journal about this though. 
  • slowpoke.jpg 2012-07-17 17:32:48 So I just found out that Anohana is on Crunchyroll...I know what Ill be watching very very soon. 
  • PERUSONAAAA 2012-07-10 19:46:53 Omigosh I have so m any AMV ideas for Persona 4, its not even funny. I cant wait until the dvds start coming out in September. I miiight hold off on some of my ideas until the P3 movie comes out though, for more footage and potentially less repetitive vids xD

    And it seems like the majority of the game's dub cast is indeed coming back - The internet has told me that Yukiko and Nanako's VAs are confirmed, Chie's Area VA is confirmed [Which beats some random actor, at least] and Yuri Lowenthal is in the middle of recording for Yosuke.

    Freaking heck what ever amv Im doing in September is going out the window in favor of P4, I just know it... 
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