JOURNAL: Kusoyaro (Hsien Lee)

  • 2004-03-29 15:10:00 Oh, and how could I forget:

  • AMV update! 2004-03-29 15:01:46 Otakon AMV underway. Progress ~ 20%

    DDR4 video progress ~ 0% :P

    McDonald's #4 value meal comsumption progress ~ 100%

    On the horizon:

    Beatles comedy video

    Stellastarr drama video

    Jem drama/horror video (maybe)

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind video (when it comes out on DVD months down the line)

    AWA Masters video 
  • DDR4 Update 2004-03-14 22:47:22 Hopefully the list of editors won't be changing any more (ie, no drops). Sierra Lorna & silver_moon joined the project today. 
  • 2004-01-13 13:49:52 OMGLOL 
  • Whee 2003-11-11 12:58:26 Hopefully by this time next week, the track assignments for DDR4 5th Mix will all be done. 
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