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  • Pink Haze 2012-05-28 12:00:45 I think it presents itself in a cliche type of artsy style that begs you to call it artsy. It's like a cheesy abstract high school painting where every color APPARENTLY has a meaning but really it's just a good, even great looking mess of nothing.


    but it's very fun to watch still, despite all the doom and gloom they push at you, and i think it's a good addition to the lineup, and i'm happy for toonami too, casshern and all.

    i like it more than FMAbh and the current state of bleach, so i can't hate too much.... 
  • Casshawn seens 2012-05-27 15:35:17 i like casshern sins, but it is terrible. fun to watch, but terrible terrible story, plot, and characters. 
  • video promo 2012-04-07 14:00:43 
  • Wise words of anonymous 2012-04-05 20:29:32 Anonymous Quick Comment: "The first minute was basically just the first part of the movie. That was pretty boring."

    except... you know, the first 25 seconds where i grab clips from all over the first half of the series, but other than that, yea, just copy pasted the first part of the movie there...

    but wait, at 0:45, isn't there a pretty decent gap in the series from 0:43's clip to 0:47's? hmm...

    but to be fair, it's 20 seconds of the first part of the series within the first minute and it's a pretty linear usage of it too (the parts i cut to make the transitions smoother and unnoticeable don't really count) so i should have been more thoughtful about that...i could have, at the very least, made something of it, y'kno? like plugged it in at other places in the video right? like in the middle or end would probably be pretty nice.

    ...hold the phone, did i just exercise some PARALLELISM at 1:43 that mirrors the beginning of what you're really complaining about (0:25 if you forgot). that's kinda cool! it adds a little...idk...consistency to it, yeah i like that!

    but now it's starting to seem...idk... a little important? now i want more, now i'm looking for it to be...idk....a motif? hmm, so let's see, beginning...middle...we could have gone straight to the end and put something there to close it out i guess...well let's see if i did that because i forgot...


    I HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN TO THE END, and there's that same scene at a super climactic part in the video (2:29). damn, this video really delivered on making that beginning scene important. and i'm not even gonna mention the two clips of beginning that were right before this part, idk if this journal can handle much more talk of consistency and purpose in a video. and now there's this really epic part, i lik--jesus fucking christ...seriously? 2:55? i'm at it again! this thing is almost too consistent...any more consistent and it would rival a video of someone mixing a bowl of pancake batter that's already been mixed enough...

    to be fair though, that's still chicken shit, beginning...middle...middle (again)'s STILL uneven, skewed to the right you could say, it doesn't feel symmetrical at all, i really should've done something at the very end (or as close to the end as the part your complaining about was to the beginning) that would just make it nice clean symmetrical and balanced...
    ...SHUT THE GODDAMN DOOR! IS THIS FOR FUCKING REAL? 3:14 FUCKING REVISITS THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE SERIES AND ALSO THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE VIDEO AND FILLS IN THE GAP LEFT BY THE FACT THAT I EDITED PARTS OUT OF THE BEGINNING!!1 not only that, but it still leaves room at the end for an ending that uses scenes you haven't seen before that give it ultimate closure and completion while being almost perfectly symmetrical in terms of scene placement.

    he is is least if you stop a minute into it, 0:25-0:45 is definitely a lowpoint.

    if you wanna know what me and my acquaintance are discussing, i would suggest you start your research here:

    be sure to drop a comment reinforcing how god-awful the piece is so something like that never happens again.

    in all fairness, beginning of the series at the beginning and end of the series at the end is somewhat of a cheap tactic, and i abuse both of those in this video, but i feel that, at least the beginning tactic, is justified and purposeful as much as it possibly could be, if anything you should really be complaining about the last 30 seconds (except 3:13-3:19), and even's a little over 20 20 seconds at the beginning and 20 seconds at the end of a 3 and a half minute video, i think that's okay, right? 
  • man i want journal repliability 2012-04-03 15:55:46 so much little crap i wanna say to people's journals that's just not important enough to make a journal of my own to reply with

    but complaining is totally enough! 
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