JOURNAL: Laerium (Diana )

  • @convo with Jacob (Cross/fade) :] 2010-06-16 16:33:51 Jacob diz:
    I prefer green like grass green ... if we are talking about general
    young grass, not old grass ....
    not the grass dog pee at
    no, not grass like that
    Jacob diz:
    yeah, save my speeches. One day you will publish a book in Portugal and I will become famous

    :]]]. Not publishing in Portugal, but at least I publish somewhur, feel happy.  
  • @: 2010-02-23 16:30:23 -Never really uses this but now felt like ranting-
    Doesn't it suck when for a while you didn't have inspiration and suddently you feel like editing something but you can't because you have loads of stuff to do? ;_;
    I FEEL FRUSTRATED >; Imma go kill babies nao.

    -no that's not my hobby D:- 
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