JOURNAL: Chained(E)Studio

  • @Nya 2011-09-26 14:42:54 I didn't know that was there?
    I suppose I'll have to make 307 banners to surpass that #1

    I have made 1 banner ..... 306 to go =P 
  • Happy Birthday Dany ^-^ 2011-09-04 02:28:28 Its Dany's birthday today =D
    Though I don't think many of you know who Dany is xD (Overture)

    I am very happy to say we are now the same age, I am not that much older than him only about 9 months as we are born in the same year just one in January the other in September!

    If anyone would like to randomly say Happy Birthday (he's not much of a birthday person so its nice to buggies him =P) You can leave easier comments on his youtube:

    Rather than spamming him with messages over here, but can always do that too :3

    Only downfall today is that I can't eat the same cake as Dany TT_TT, at least not yet. One day though we will be with each other... <3 
  • @Tritio 2011-09-02 00:10:15 Weee ='3
    I can't wait!

    On that note, I noticed in your previous entry that you are looking for beta-testers. If you still need lemme know. I wouldn't mind beta-testing for you, I don't really use any social programs but Skype if so... MSN sorta..

    Also maybe I could get Dany to as well he has Skype too and I do not think we have actually ever talked really besides the odd PMs, or comments on YouTube o-o. He is entering too btw!  
  • @Tritio 2011-08-23 00:29:29 I hope your AMV will be good =P And also.. doesn't EvilSpider usually post it up on the forums? :3 I hope this year will be just as fun as last year ^_^ and I hope I get to see lots of new, and different AMVs from everyone. 
  • Not so Free D'= 2011-07-17 00:39:33 Just when I was gonna enjoy my day I got a migraine, it wouldn't be so bad if it didnt't put me in bed with nasea and upset stomach D'= haven't done anything but sleep and a few internet things all day :/

    Will be sleeping my evening away too, hopefully tomorrow its gone :3 
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