JOURNAL: Chiiisus (Susie )

  • 2013-01-17 10:17:01 My external died recently, Niwa tripped over the wire and it smashed into the ground. It was an accident though so it was ok. xD Though, this was two days after I saved it from corruption. UNLUCKY! I did save some of my favourite anime and stuff I use a lot so that's good at least.

    I've noticed something though, when I decide to work hard on a project I have NOTHING but bad luck. I've been working on a project since November on and off and I'm actually trying my best with it. The problem? Bad things keep happening! The project itself takes about 20 minutes to open. I thought this was because my laptop was old, but I had opened it on newer laptops and even a really good PC and it takes the same length of time to open. Then suddenly my files would stop working when I minimized Vegas. So I went to the actual folder and about 7 episodes were suddenly corrupted. At this point I fixed my external and backed up most stuff and got the few episodes I lost back. At this point I thought my problems were over until Niwa tripped over the wire and it died. xD I had it for 4 years so that's pretty long!

    Niwa felt really bad and I told him it was fine because I already backed up the stuff I needed for my project and other things so it was no problem.

    My problem now?

    My After Effects won't open lagarith files anymore and sometimes when I render uncompressed it won't import them the first time but if I render again, doing nothing differently, it imports. THE HELL.

    It's like it doesn't want me to finish this video!

    I've worked too hard on it not to finish it though.
    Spent a whole week on 5 seconds at one point and it's a simple section, I just didn't like it.

    Poor Niwa.

    Him: It's looks good
    Me: No it doesn't! It's hideous!
    Him: It's not, I don't see a problem with it!
    Me: There's just something missssiiiinngggg!!!!
    Him: ... -walks away-

    I also feel bad because every now and then I let out a mini scream of frustration at the laptop. 'WHY WON'T YOOOOOU WORRRRRRRRRRK!'

    Usually I give up on a project by now, this is clearly dedication. :'D


    My rabbit is actually begging off me right now, for crisps, even though she has food and treats in her bowl. Little tub. <3 P.s. I don't feed her them, if my rabbits see something that isn't vegetable or rabbit food related they sniff it and then run away, so I think it's funny that she nudges at me and tries to reach when she just runs away afterwards. xD

  • @Pancake 2013-01-03 12:58:19 YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND MY FRUSTRATION.

    Get in the frying pan! D: 
  • @Steve (Reba) 2012-12-30 13:06:29 I MISS YOOOOUUU. FEEL BETTER! <3 ;______;


    Finally back home in London after spending time back in Belfast for Christmas. I couldn't fit my laptop in my luggage because of all the presents. Longest 9 days of my life. D: 
  • 2012-11-24 21:36:34 LLLAMARANGER

    /Forever in my head. 
  • I am 2012-11-06 20:32:22 making a Card Captor Sakura AMV *O*

    Since I know this anime inside out scene selection is soooooo easy. :'D

    Also, I love editing with it sooo much.

    /Will actually release a video made with effort! :D
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