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  • EDIT RENDER DELETE!!!! 2003-04-19 22:31:13

    hmmmmmmm..what a day what a day...

    I love being lazy...but it always leaves me with nothing to do.....GOD!!!! I NEED TO GET ME ANOTHER CAR!!!!

    It is a pain in the ass to be off on the whole weekend and not be able to get out and do anything......mmmm..oh well...we work continues on my lastest video projects....even though I have editing less that two mins of the video it seem like i have been working on it forever...todays editting session was about 4 hour for about 15 sec of video....end the end i seem to get it the way that i wanted...and do a bit more...which leaves me about 1:55 seconds worth of song to just seem like this song seem longer...and when i watch is about the same...with the song just being 3:45....oh well....noone ever said that artist don't suffer for their i kind alike how the video is unfolding but i know the song will be hated by most cause it is a song from the 80's and don't see many videos being made to 80's songs....GOD that make me feel old!!!! lol

    AMVCK2 is still climbing the charts in if you have it....hope you still enjoying it...and for those that don't enjoy:

    well that is all for the world....ja' 
  • Like i aaid they were dead when i got there.... 2003-04-18 23:11:55

    Hey out there in AMV world!!!!

    Well just figure I would write something down here...mostly since people like to discuss themselves or their vids here....but iti also a nice place to just kinda let on some things on your mind.....SO WHAT IS ON CHAOS'S MIND TODAY!!!!

    Not too much....other that i love have three days off from is kinda heaven at the end of the week...but it is a reall struggle to get there i tell you....since that means you have to work 40 hours in 4 days...that can be very hard on ya body trying to staying working that long...but doing tech support work doesn't let up a bit on the work end some somedays will go really fast....but now i am on the weekend...I really need to go and start working overtime so i can get myself another car...cause while i don't mind public transport back and forth to really sucks ass when trying to do regular fun things on it...cause i like to go so many places just to look at stuff and try stuff which mean i got to wait...then pay to get to one place...then wait and pay to get to the next spot...kinda like if you took a taxi around town for the can get i have kinda reserved myself to staying at home on my days off....which can be boring once one get tired od editing or playing games....

    Today was just one of those busy days....hopping on and off buses and trains all day....but end the end i order in some chinese after all my errends were done...and that was just bliss...mmmm....then a short nap....and here i am!!! Just finished up som editting on my lastest video...but now it coming to a more difficult decied to leave it till tomorrow...but i think that is is coming along pretty makes me laugh to watch it..whichs mean people should enjoy it...with the completion of this video i will be reopening my site...since can get kinda expensive if you got alot of people download your videos....

    Speaking of Downloads:

    It is a very awesome sight to see my AMVCK2 video doing so just less than a months time it has caught up and passed most of my older videos for download stats...currently sitting a 849 has just reached it's one month anniversy date I was hoping to see it at 1000 but that is still good for a months thanks for all the people that have downloaded it...i hope that it provided you with some laughs...cause it know it did for me...i was checking on it place on the list today..and it seems to have gone missing from the new dowloads is still listed on the site under my name..but not on the downloads list....*wonders if it got removed for language content* lol.... Also it seem like my streamload hosting for it has the file listed at temp. not has been that way for the last looks like it will really need to get my hosting back up if you try to download it and it won't let you...chances are that you can't get it...I am going to try to reupload it to see if that fixes it....My Guu's Jungle mix video still works though...and it just doesn't seem to have caught on as much as AMVCK2...

    Hmmm..well i guess that is all for now....ja' 
  • And the wheel goes round..... 2003-04-11 22:36:34

    Hmmmm...maybe i have just seen that commecial one too many times...okk....

    Well been while since i put up anything in my journal so i find i would just drop in a few words for those that acually care about what i have to say...or if you don't care with some might not.... was a good day today pretty much i love days off from the slave pit espically cause i get THREE in a row...but i have to work 10 hours a with all my free time today I had ONE mision and ONE mission alone..TO GET THE LAST EXCEL SAGA DVD!!!

    So we set about our task this morning but catching the train out to my favorite place to get cheap anime BEST BUY!!!! *SHOCK* BEST BUY IS ALL OUT OF EXCEL!!!!! ON TO BACK UP PLAN PART TWO : RAID MEDIA PLAY!!! my second favorite but not as cheap a Best Buy place to get anime...*SHOCK* THERE IS NONE TO BE FOUND!!! *CRIES UNTIL SALES PERSON WALKS OVER THEN BEGS HER FOR THE LAST EXCEL SAGA DVD....she walks around the front of the counter and locates on for our deserpate anime seeker *CELEBRATION ENSUES AND SCREEN DARKENS*



    *HUG HIS EXCEL DVD* so nowhaving done my was time for time time to head home...*RIDES THE TRAIN HOME* yah yah...excel goodness in five episodes....must watch..but first must work on video project...

    *EDIT....EDIT...EDIT.....THA HELL...THAT DOESN'T GO THERE....REMOVE...EDIT...EDIT..EDIT....THE SYNC THERE IS BAD....START OVER....EDIT..EDIT..EDIT....THREE HOURS PASS...* well that is enough for now...didn't think i would ever get that three seconds set right!!!!

    So i plop down for last five episodes of excel goodness....the laughter...the tragedy...the smiles...the frowns....and EPSIODE # 26 OOOOOHH MMMYYY GODDDD!!! *WIPES HIS EYES* that was the best....

    I have now truely heard the greatest line in anime ever said by a cute anime girl...and her name is Hyatt:

    "Fire a thick and hot one in the back please"

    WOW!!! For those that have seen this epsiode then you know what she is talking about...for those that haven't...*snickers* you haven't been watching excel saga. Then one to episode 26 which has now taken my number one spot for my favorite Excel Saga episode....i have never seen a episode of Excel with more blantent Violence, Blood, Sex, and under age girls with huge breasts....I loved it!!! to say the least....ohhh..but Excel is now over...what to do now...*laughs* PUNI PUNI POMEI!!!!!

    Ahhh..what a pretty great day!!!

    On the my AMV video front:

    Hmmmm..looks like AMVCK2 is just kicking the every loving crap out of my Guu's Jungle mix videos for download...just goes to show you..give person with a guy cussing alot in a song and tell them not to download it and they will do the exact oppasite of what you tell them too....NICE TO KNOW THERE IS SO MANY DEMENTED PEOPLE OUT THERE!!

    Currently download stats:

    AMVCK2:When Anime Charaters have a bad day!! @ 720 downloads

    Wow...i have never seen my video get downloaded so fast it is not even a month old either and it quickly approaches 1000...thanks alot..for people for download it....BUT WHY ONLY TWO REVIEWS *SIGHS* oh well...guess people leave reviews when they have time..thanks for watching it and if you haven't just look under my name and download it from there..

    Guu's Jungle Mix @ 303 total downloads

    mmmm..not doing as well at AMVCK2 she holds her own...people might not like the song or maybe the editing is just not to the masses liking...either way it has gotten three positive reviews which makes me feel like a have done something that people might like despite the technical errors in a big thanks to those that have download it...AND REMEMBER CHILDREN...THOSE WHO REVIEW VIDEOS GET THEIR VIDEOS REVIEWED IN RETURNED...just a thought....*snickers*

  • COME AND GET IT WHILE IT IS HOT!!!! 2003-03-28 23:46:25

    Chasoprojects again online for the video watchers pleasure.or hatred....which ever you prefer...

    Well it seem like people are really into my AMVCK2 it his almost at 500 downloads in less that two weeks time...thank alot for all the people that have watched it....I really hope that you enjoyed it...or just leave me your thoughts and tell me how you feel...It is gotten some pretty decent review as well..thank to the people that took the time to leave makes me feel good to know people like what i do..or aleast have the same demented humor as me....

    Our second release vid Guu's jungle mix while not doing as well as AMVCK2 it is still getting pretty decent reviews as well... personal news to report right now

    If you havent had the change to hit me up for my vids yet..go ahead and do so..I don't know how much longer my host will be keep the vids flow I have seem to run into alil money problem as well...well all we can do is work thru

  • Wow Here we are Again!!! 2003-03-19 03:09:33

    What going on peoples!!!!

    Well it has been a moment since I been back here....but of course AMV always in the back of my mind....since my site has been down...i really have had much time to work on stuff....finally my domain name was rerelease which will help in getting the setup back going on that..but that might be a bit of time off...So right now we are running a experiment...Chaosprojects Stuidos has release two of their lastest AMV but since we have no hosted website...right now our vids are being hosted at and it seem to be working ok....but i only have a certain number of downloads that you can do from if you run into a problem with downloading from the site...i will have to go in and pay for somemore all i ask is that you be careful when downloading cause each time someone downloads the vids from there is cost me download don't hammer it cause that will not let anyone else get into it once and only once if you can until i get my site up and running again....

    So now our two lastes vids:

    Vid #1:
    AMVCK2: When Anime Characters Have a Bad Day!!!

    Vid #2:
    Guu's Jungle Mix

    so go and check them out...tell me what you think of them....if you think they are horrible or crappy...or just down right know how much artist love their work....but is coming back to life keep an eye on for that too.....lata AMV peeps.. 
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