• Long Winded Blog about gaming. 2010-02-10 23:13:15 This was at first going to be my points over the game Mass Effect 2, but I decided against having based on a single game and just base it on games in general.

    Now I would not consider myself a critic in the way a poet would not consider himself a painter. I play games for enjoyment, story plays apart in that, game play is a must, and most other things are put to the side. Graphics are just a nice sugar coating on top of a hopefully well done cake, but seeing how this is the HD realm and high definition is the norm the cake is sometimes a pie, or even a turd, either way its no longer cake.

    I have played a few good games from my perspective but there are still many "classics" I hear about from some of my friends constantly that need to be played. I used to think JRPG's were interesting until I found that each one is pretty much a copy pasted game play idea over a story, sometimes that's just enough but when the story gets lost or confused, (IE ten foot monster hiding inside the body of a lolita character) Shadow Hearts was a game that tried to take a new approach to the attack system by having you rely on timing, but all that lead to was staying awake while you mashed buttons to defeat a frog monster for the 400th time I began to loose myself in what I was really doing at that point like a mindless drone pushing button X and never asking why.

    Western RPGS and me have been friends since Elder Scrolls, but I could never fully immerse myself in it enough. Or on the other hand I couldn't keep myself entertained with out slaughtering an entire town by blowing all the money in the game on a single spell of death. Bioware hit my starwars fanboyism with Kotor and being another single player western rpg with starwars elements it got me interested for a while. The issues with that where dialogue, lack of interesting game play, and if your a spell guy force lighting was to the game like a machine gun was to a knife fight. Western rpg's may have its flaws but with the ability of immersion and your own choice based dialogue it allows for more entertainment if you put yourself into your character.

    Shooters. These games and me have not been friends. If it was not for AVP in the nineties I probably would not play these much at all. So you have a gun. You shoot things. They die. The game play might be complex in the since that, oh you could hide here, but with the HP auto healing system kicking every time you reload or wait for your pop tarts to finish it makes for a lack luster since of immersion no matter how much story you try to cram into our throats. AVP was interesting in the since that each scenario had its own perks of playing, but what sold the game was the Marines. Nothing like being all alone in the dark watching carefully at your radar hoping to go you account for its painstaking delay. It may not have been gold in the story department but the setting game play and obvious tricking of the motion sensor created a good sense of horror through the game play of a shooter.

    Stealth based games. Now that this is starting to become the new sandbox to games its hard to base this in general gaming ideas. But having not played the Thief series yet I can only base mine off of what I think is the Japanese rip off Tenchu. Where you hid in the shadows and either kill your way through each level or wait for your opportunity to skip the enemy completely. The difference between its stealth and others is there is no real "penalty" for breaking it you gain equipment that allows you to either hide again or just trap your path so if you do get spotted they have hell catching you.

    Driving games. You drive no real improvement there.

    RTS games. They have gotten prettier, more units, and more make hoard attack ideas.

    MMORPG'S. Being a Diablo fag I can not bash WoW fans, but I still make fun of them on occasion. Bioware is trying to make an MMO with story content and more Starwars fanboyism and me being the proper fanboy I will at least test this games waters, but what I look for in a MMO is simplicity, item hunting, and the ability to not have my text window not fill up with messages saying "Hey lets party"

    Sim games. Your daily life reinvented in an even more mundane routine based system. No matter how complex the system may get its still a complex needy ant farm idea.

    Motion Sensor controls. Now I wasn't against Nintendo idea for the Wii, because any new idea is still a new idea to try, but I would have to say now with out any real game play mechanics being anything more then . Flail your arm in direction A or Fling arm in direction B. I can pretty much agree that its only a gimmick hiding the fact that Nintendo wanted a new idea to spread their older material. I could also say its a scapegoat for more of the same from other companies as well.

    Oh now onto Mass Effect 2. The game play has changed. The idea of collecting and managing equipment has been removed probably for the average shooter fuckhead, but it is less annoying then making sure your equipment is all up to par and is better then what your selling, because your a fighter not a salesmen. The upgrading system is not the best it works for what it is in the simple sense, but i get the feeling its not really doing anything maybe having stats on the gun to make me feel like this thing I spent four to five hours scanning a planet for that one element to find be worthwhile. The story is more action packed then the last one. All your side quest have its movie like feel. To go off on a tangent here the movie feel is games is fine, movies are entertaining so games trying to be like movies is a good thing in some ways but never should it forget that its a game first. That in mind Mass Effect 2 did try to improve its game play. Your spells can now be cleverly tossed around enemy cover and mixed with your allies spells to create funny rag doll effects, guns now have ammo meaning instead of waiting for your gun to reheat you reload. Where it sold it self short is repetitious enemies after fighting one epic mech fight that was interesting I ended up fighting another then another then four in one room, Now mixing these guys up changing them a little would have made it at least interesting and having me try and change my tactics at least a little bit. But my complaints are only minor the million dollar man rip off is a little sad, but over all its an interesting change though I miss the customization that was possible in the first one.  
  • This is very interesting 2010-01-10 00:07:32 Code's "Who?" Award

    Winner: Chez'

    Honestly, there are many many people out there that don't get enough recognition in the AMV world, and I realize this award may be a little strange, but it's more my own opinion than anything else. Chez makes these amazing story-epic AMV's with amazing quality of structure that gets swept under the rug. "Love Meh" was horrorific and sheer awesomeness on a stick, not to mention Absolution Of A Lunar Stalker, which had one of the better "Stalker Horror" AMV structures I've seen in a long time.

    So go check out his AMV's. :

  • Secks Me 2010-01-07 12:24:04 for i wish it so. Now let it be that i haz secks.  
  • Tis the day beofre new years. 2009-12-31 09:01:03 You know what that means folks. Time for another con. I am headed off to Ikkicon this year. Meeting up with some people that i went to other con's with and also trying to submit into my first amv competition hope it all goes well. Will post the finished copy of Love Me once i get back into Houston. Later chaps. 
  • Life is not hazed here. 2009-12-04 02:08:22 psychoticmooses 1:00 am
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