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  • @Aimo 2011-07-26 14:13:24 I'm gonna recommend some PS1 RPGs with sucky graphics~ =P

    Threads of Fate - great characters and story
    Brave Fencer Musashi - a lot like Threads of Fate only funnier XD (the ps2 sequel was kinda meh)
    Wild Arms - great story, it's a long game so it gets pretty in-depth. It looks and plays like FF4 or 6 only sci-fi/western/fantasy. Awsm soundtrack! (the ps2 remake was awful)

    Also, these:
    Devil May Cry series - it's got style! (1 & 3-4 are good, DMC2 was unplayable)
    Silent Hill 3 - but it's scarier than Resident Evil...

    And this is way left-field:

    I just played it and enjoyed it quite a bit. ^^ It's the first time I picked up a Visual Novel/Dating-Sim so there are probably better ones out there. 
  • Have you seen the Announcement thread lately?! 2011-07-10 14:20:32 I've watched so many awesome videos in the last week my head is gonna explode!
    And there are a bunch I'm looking forward to watching too~~

    Does this always happen after AX and Japan Expo? 
  • Anime Freakin' Expo 2011-07-07 06:00:17 I'm finally back home =D
    This was my first time attending Anime Expo, watching an amv contest at a convention, AND seeing one of my videos on the big screen. It was fantastic. Watching amvs in a theater setting is so much fun. I've been so busy lately that this was my first time seeing most of the entries, so they were that much more enjoyable for me.

    As for my own video, it's like a dream, being able to advertise Casshern Sins to a couple thousand people in such a glamorous manner.

    When I was supposed to be having the religious experience of seeing my own video on the big screen for the first time, someone walked in front of me and got their shoelace stuck. I was quite tickled by the idea that I might be standing on the poor man's shoelace, ignoring his efforts to extricate himself, contentedly denying his very existence. I wonder which editor it was? =O 
  • Off to California 2011-06-20 03:44:53 I'll be in California for a week starting Monday (today, technically), mere miles away from where Expo will be happening a few days after I leave. =/

    It's a sign. 
  • I'm gone for two days and lo, 2011-05-27 02:57:33 the Recommended AMVs thread is back where you can see it! Huzzah! 
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