JOURNAL: Animated (George Tharralidis)

  • @Bauzi 2012-07-10 17:36:54 I feel you. I can speak for myself after months of project preperation... i see the "whole" thing in the end and just say "Fuck this thing. Not even close to what I want to show". That's just not me! Not even putting deadlines to myself help me at all. January 2012? No. April 2012? No. My goal now is August but still.... Anyway. About your amv-thing - I don't see a problem at all. Whisper of the Beast maybe? Farm's Divine? All time favs!

    Now, some venting... just came back from my vacations. Going back to work sucks (police department...) but hey, there's some editing work here to be done! Mateotis plus a little part I asked for (again) for the MSI MEP. Ah, those little happy moments in life. 
  • My Quickening entry. There's lot of sex. 2012-06-05 11:54:38 Now that I have your attention... :D

    In case you haven't seen it (and I guess you haven't... under 30 topic views in a day and no response -.-), here! Animated's perspective of orgies, double rainbows and zombies, all of this for the Quickening contest!

    Ok, I'm kidding, there are no orgies.

  • Just start the Quickening already! 2012-04-26 12:55:57 @Full Metal Sempai
    You're a grown-up, grow some nuts then :P I'm working for the same amount of money for about 8 to 15 hours a day, living in the same country as you, hello :)

    Also: Too goddamn excited for the Quickening contest. Actually, i'm more excited in having a song i've sent thrown between 8 editors, than me trying to be a winner in my bracket. Editing in a small amount of time (even if that's a whole week) is not my cup of tea. Finishing my Live amv, the one that already has 2 and a half million views on the tube(called Life is Beautiful, that's another story), took me apparently 2 and a half months. And hell, it's simple as fuck, only crossfades thrown here and there. Anyway, i'm not here to pimp myself, just... bring it on already biatches :D

    Oh, and i've become a full grown policeman after all these months, working on the security department (those guys working undercover and taking all the blame from the anarchists) Shit's not so cash, but... money makes the world go round. 
  • :) 2010-09-21 08:41:37 I was like the smiley above all the time yesterday. Someone came at the police apartment where i'm working and when he talked to me... i knew he was the one. Searched in a minute his name on my mobile's internet hoping i'm not mistaken and yes... it was him. He was the voice actor of Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh here in Greece, and also the narrator of Pokemon. I grew up with this man. Awwwwwww.... :3 
  • Animated+Nikolakis+Full Metal Sempai = Epic 2010-09-18 16:45:04 The day before... the day before yesterday (...f@ck it) we had our first meeting, here in Greece. So! You may have read from FMS that we're thinking of starting a MEP but ok... NOW! Who wants to actually see what we are like? I don't know... there are lots of girls out there who want to see and kiss and marry their favourite editors! Now it's your chance ladies to pick your mate! :D Here...

    It's me on the left and Nikolakis on the right. Ha.

    And a second one before we started eating some souvlaki... :P

    Nikolakis on the left, me in the center and Sempai on the right. Hotness impersonated.

    ...ow, and i started a new deep depression project. If "Live" made you cry, (which it didn't :P), then this will make you commit suicide. Project Colours has already started. 
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