JOURNAL: soamark (Márk M.)

  • Zelda 2009-11-13 14:31:30 Ocarina of Time is fuckin win : O 
  • My akross amv has audio 2009-10-26 15:21:19 <3
    I must remake Ouch my ball's! to this
    I think a Dark Parrot maybe :D 
  • Mah message 2009-10-07 15:45:31 First of all lets talk like AVGN about ORG

    " THIS AMV FUCKIN SUCKZ, FUCKIN SUCKZ, FUCKIN SUCKZ, Oh yeah and the new shitty one with black and white and too fast scenes Suckz too!

    ORG suckz! "

    what else? I'm droped my project last day because there is no need another boring sentimental stuff and drama is not my style, I better stay at parody, fun that's my home <3

    Oh yeah and women are actually good for 4 things!

    - Cooking
    - Cleaning
    - Vagina
    - And their sisters vagina

    ALL HAIL JON LAJOIE THE GREATEST "want some of this bitch" MASTER!
    as you can see i'm not a very nice guy ^^" 
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