JOURNAL: OmniStrata (Joseph Aguila)

  • Opinion list... I are blind 2013-02-26 18:13:41 seems I missed those tiny links on the side of the profile page [herp derped]

    I'm kind of surprised I'm still on that thing 0_0...

    Time to do some op exchanges. 
  • JadZia is awesome 2013-02-26 17:53:04 Not only was she the hawtest character in Deep Space Nine but she's nice enough to give out free opinions

    I remember way back, during ancient times, when some people were writing opinions and the org counted their contributions.

    I was once a highly opinionated fool, back in college of course, my salute to mexicanjunior who not only gave out a ton of opinions, but HOT DAMN they were wordy as hell yet relevant.


    Current amv progress, 5%, got the song, got the footage ripped, now to do the moving. Probably going to use something nuts, like Optic Camo or something. 
  • Whoa I'm behind 2013-02-23 00:35:49 Looking at the newest premiere, I'm like 0_0... What'd I miss?! But the 'moving' is the same as the old school so I'll just stick to that.

    I thought I'd just use basic editing for this one but the virtual clip is calling me... H0RD...

    It's like doing 2 amvs in 1. [case an point, my ultra nutty Please Teacher amv, that's 4 amvs]

    The newer amvs from the modern editors are totally like another level from years back... Luckily, I'm editing now with the spirit of my Ai Yori Aoshi Vid...

    Nobody made the anime/song combo so that means I GOTTA do it ^_^

    My only hope is that other people will watch it and feel a bit better after a rough day at work perhaps, or pr0n, you can watch that too I suppose :p

    Wish me luck, this next one is dramatic

  • OmniStrata Studios... 2013-02-21 19:51:33 is BACK!

    I've given up online gaming and suddenly realize I have lots of time to spare. [well not lots but TIME]

    The trick I'm going to use is no to very little 'hard to do' technical effects. Those almost rotoscoped beasts always ate up the most time. [think, my Shamanic Princess AMVS]

    Going to start with another 'sequel' of sorts...

    Title: Merciless Soul
    Anime: Boys Be
    Song: Where Do You Go? by No Mercy.

    Finally, I can get to do a SECOND 'first' video, correctly! ^_^ 
  • Good Times 2012-12-31 22:11:39 Got some HDMI cables to properly wire my consoles and other Multimedia Devices through my Soundbar and then into my TV. Kinda dumb you can't plug the HDMIs into the TV and let the TV pass-through the signal by Optical Audio cable to the Receiver.

    Been losing out on some Dolby Digital 5.1 simulated Surround because of it... :(

    But now it's been FIXED! Apparently, through several A/V forums, lots of people seem to be having this problem they want it to be console/Bluray/computer > TV > Sound System, when for some reason, some TVS do , some don't, but it also appears that the majority does not.

    Yay for sound...

    On a lighter note, I've got lots of food and can't eat enough to get fat. [my guts starts hurting after a small meal as if it's already full.]

    Yay for a lesser stomach capacity. The days of stuffing my face when I was decade younger is long gone AND MY WALLET is happier too ^_^ 
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