JOURNAL: Katsumi_AMVs (Paulo )

  • ... 2004-12-02 10:20:33 Time to think about the priorities of my life , I'm tired with internet jerks and don't have patience to watch or edit AMVs for now. Things are changing...again...

    But I'm gonna try to keep visiting the forums to dl&save in my comp new vids announced .. to the day I start to watch vids again. 
  • Some thoughts ... 2004-11-06 03:06:10 ... true beauty it's in the people who never tries to prove how much beautiful they are , because they know that we always will find people who tries to make us look ugly , or just less beautiful than anyone else.
    In the end , the people who tries to show to us how much somebody is ugly , help us to find , or be certain , of who is actually beautiful :)

    It's sooooo ironic 
  • Aww ... 2004-10-27 09:56:38 ....crap !

    I forgot that I can't post replies against dumb posts in the forums , because I'm the kind of stupid person that can't get the jokes behind the smart people words ... :/

    *crashes his head in the wall*

    Now , maybe next time I'll remember to keep my mouth shutted .... :) 
  • O_O! 2004-10-12 10:08:08 Oh , this is awesome!

    Haven't got too many replies in my announcement thread in the forums , but 30 people already downloaded my new vid from local server :D
    Um.. yeah in my case that is a lot of downloads for a vid that I've released in less than 3 days XD
    Ah , can't forget that I already received an op too ^_^

    Hmm the direct link it's showing the number 36 , but I can't be sure if atcually 36 people have downloade my vid at full ....O_o

    Well , that's a kind of feedback , so ...

    I LUV YOU ALL! (who downloaded my vid *roll eyes*) 
  • Gee! 2004-10-10 18:38:20 ZUS!

    I must be crazy or something O_o

    ah , wait it's that feeling .... yay , I've released a new vid and here I am in my 3rd day off , and haven't sleeped last night.
    Right now it's 7:30 am , and I'm still looking the forums here at the .org and Demoseals lol.... my eyes ... they're heavy .... gah !!that goddamn banner with that guy with eyes just like mine !! Go away !!


    ERM...well I'm making a new entry in my journal , because I want to say that an mpeg1 version of my new video it's available to DL now , for whoever cares about ... yeah the crappy vr of my new disaster it's there ... I don't like the idea of bumping my annoucement thread just to say this ...
    Anyways .... hmmm looks like I need some sleep ... 
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