JOURNAL: Waldo (Omar Jenkins)

  • Never-ending Archive 2002-01-07 00:31:32 I've have just spent the last three hours sorting through the incoming directory on the backup server of the AMV Archive. In those three hours I went through 93 videos. Going through a video consists of spot checking the video quality, checking the audio, identifiying the anime used(if not listed), the song used(if not listed), the artists who wrote/sang the song(if not listed), and the creator of the AMV(if not listed). At times like these I'm thankful that I can type snippets of lyrics into Google and it will find me what I need most of the time. I'm taking a break for the night, but once I get back up in the morning I've got another 51 files to go. That's not including the files on the main server for the AMV Archive though. I guess this sort of thing happens when you haven't cleaned out the incoming directory in about four months. 
  • Joe's Squirting Sausage 2001-11-18 15:20:38 After being held up by the metro for a while saturday afternoon, I eventually made my way over to Phade's place for the cookout and rugby game he was throwing. Touch rugby takes so much out of you that I'd hate to see what full tackle rugby would do. The highlight of the evening however was during the cookout portion when everyone was grilling food on the stove in Phade's apartment. Joe was sitting at at the end table with Mrs Phade to his left, and Phade across from him. Being the red-blooded american male that he was; Joe heated up his sausage, stuck it between a set of buns and chomped down on it. I guess Joe just couldn't handle his own meat, because after biting into his sausage it squirted some sort of creamy liquid all over Mrs Phade's lap. The way i see it, if Joe had been able to fit the whole thing in his mouth at once, the faux pau would have been avoided. Poor, poor, Joe. Banished from the home of the Phades, never to return again. 
  • Weekend BBQ 2001-10-22 12:22:12 This past Saturday I went over to a BBQ Jason was holding at his place. After being stuck in traffic on Route 1 after the Duke-Maryland football game for about an hour, I finally showed up. Seeing as how I don't eat meat and was going to a BBQ, I made sure to pick up some sushi for myself on the way there. I got to leech off Pat's server and learned a few things while I was there. Here are some of my new nuggets of knowledge:
    "Buddy Lee's ass is safe from intrusion as it is always tightly clenched."
    "The same can't be said about a poor stuffed Panda that Jason got ahold of at Anime USA."
    "More and more people want me to paint the Mystery Machine the appropriate colors."
    "Arcade games are funner when they're free."
    "Guitar Wolf is "the man", and so is a certain character in the same film."
    and finally...
    "The Hello Kitty vibrator actually *does* exist." 
  • Waldo's FTP Server Stats 2001-10-19 00:55:25 Instead of cooking dinner for myself, doing homework, or getting sleep, I've been in front of my computer for the past 4 hours putting together a program which allows me to analyze the logs from my FTP server. Assuming there are no glaring bugs in the program, here are the server stats for the month of October so far. The first column is the hour of the day, the second column is how many megabytes where downloaded during that hour of the day. Remember that this is the cumulative data since October 1st, not just one day.

    0h - 4265 megs
    1h - 2771 megs
    2h - 2961 megs
    3h - 1576 megs
    4h - 2349 megs
    5h - 1946 megs
    6h - 1882 megs
    7h - 2119 megs
    8h - 1409 megs
    9h - 3230 megs
    10h - 4256 megs
    11h - 4550 megs
    12h - 5196 megs
    13h - 4940 megs
    14h - 5218 megs
    15h - 4399 megs
    16h - 4785 megs
    17h - 3116 megs
    18h - 2927 megs
    19h - 3622 megs
    20h - 3825 megs
    21h - 3966 megs
    22h - 3699 megs
    23h - 4042 megs

    total = 8.70937e+10 Bytes
    total = 85052474 Kilobytes
    total = 83059 Megabytes
    total files transfered: 2836

    Surprisingly enough, the peak usage is around lunch time EDT. I thought it would be around 6pm or 7pm since that's when most people are getting home from work. Then again most people probably have faster connections at work than they do at home. Lowest usage is in the early morning between 3am and 8am. As I add more features to the analyzer program, I'll post more info such as a domain access breakdown, average speeds, most downloaded videos, etc. 
  • Anime USA - a chance to relax 2001-10-08 11:13:17 It'll be nice going to a con where I'll actually be able to find stuff and track down all the people I want to meet. When I was at Otakon the place was too overwhelming. I remember when I first I arrived friday afternoon after being stucj in detours and traffic for hours, I spent a good 12 minutes or so trying to find the Artist's Alley. Anime USA may be a rinky-dink small con, but I like it that way. It fills a niche in the area. I wasn't able to make it to AWA for their VAT, but AnimeUSA seems to be having a pretty large chunk of their programming devoted to AMVs which will be nice. Come friday morning, the backup AMV server and I are off to VA. The only big question is what to bring to drink? Peach Schnapps, Creme de Minthe, or Plum Wine. Maybe all of them... 
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