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  • Guys... 2010-01-26 06:07:11 I the only one thinking that this year's VCAs' drama has been somewhat tame compared to other years? 'Cause that's totally the impression that I get.

    I mean, come on, the mep/collab drama comes every year, so it's nothing new. Most Artistic is another category that often spurred drama, so if it wasn't Chii's, people would have made drama over some other vid. But the rest? I haven't really seen much, perhaps someone wondering who that guy or the other is doing in the best rookie, but aside from that it seems like it's pretty fine.
    Aside from a small bunch of notable exceptions (for example "Senpai Says"), I think that pretty much most of the worthy vids made the cut in their due categories, albeit along with some trolls (godix for most improved does have deep troll meanings... and Dedicated To #AMV for video of the year too, perhaps, though considering how some were deeply scarred by it, it might have video of the year meanings depending on the point of view :°D ) or just unexplicable votes (Jay editor of the year? He's good at editing but aside from 3 collabs, he didn't really do anything this year - if you think that's worthy of editor of the year that's fine, but that should have allowed a lot more people in the semis cut...).

    TL;DR: I've seen worse VCAs... 
  • @ Bauzi 2010-01-25 08:05:59 >>"Pretty easy to edit with / popular"... explains the Final Fantasy AC phenomenon. Come on people! The movie is CRAP beside the soundtrack and the really nice graphics.

    If your footage is visually boring, you aren't (easily) going to make a nice video out of it. Nice graphics help making a video more visually entertaining, so it's easier to edit more enjoyable videos with footage that works well as-is. That said, I dislike FFAC anyway, so I hardly enjoy FFAC vids even if the graphics are pretty. If the editing is complete shit, even the nice graphics don't make up for it. Although, if the editing is just decent, nice graphics can end up making the output look even great.
    Also, movies tend to have a lot of cool animations cramped in their 2 hours of running time, whereas to find cool scenes in a series you'd have to scrub through a(n) (un)fair deal of pans and lip flapping with characters just standing there. And if you want to build some sort of story or something with your video, aside from making it just visually enjoyable, openings won't help that on their own. OVAs are somewhat like movies in the sense that they generally have a lot of good animation in them, but there's still a bit of boring and useless footage in there like tv series, albeit not just as much.

    TL;DR: Movies are the easiest source to all round edit with, followed by ops/eds or OVAs depending on what kind of vid you're trying to make, and last spot would be tv series's episodes which generally require the most effort in clipping.

    That is, of course, generally speaking, and as we all know generalization sucks and can be found consistently wrong depending on the point of view. |: 
  • @ Code 2010-01-10 01:11:05 I *DID* vote for Kit's Case Closed vid. :°D
    I just forgot to suggest it. 
  • C is for Code... 2009-12-22 01:44:50 This is why CS4 is better than 1.5:
    - It has blending modes
    - It has dynamic links
    - It lets you have sequences with different settings
    - It has more effects and transitions
    - It has an auto-nest option on the right click menu
    - It allows you to disable the frame blending for all the clips at the same time by selecting them all and removing the check on one of them instead of having to do it manually for every single clip
    - It has a better handling of HD footage
    - It is faster and more stable (at least for me)

    I'll agree that the AME can be annoying and exporting directly from premiere would have been better, but on the other side of the coin, you can export with premiere closed now (File > Add Premiere Pro Sequence, at which point you chose the project and sequence you are interested into, and it gets dynamic linked to AME for the export), and also I get far less garbage issues or crashes when using lagarith or huffyuv to export. 
  • @Nerdstrudel 2009-08-19 08:08:40 Happy birthday, dude. =w=. 
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